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Port sells more NewWood scraps

The Port of Grays Harbor has made $18,900 from selling scrap plastic at the Port-owned NewWood facilities at Satsop Business Park. The Port was in a bit of a rush to sell the scrap plastic after part of it caught fire on the evening of May 17.

Satsop Business Manager Alissa Shay said that decaying cardboard caused the plastic to combust. Sprinkled in the warehouse put the fire out and there was no damage to the building — but the Port wanted to get rid of the plastic as soon as possible to avoid any other fires.

Industrial Recylers out of Renton is paying the Port five cents per pound to remove the plastic. They’ve had 10 truckloads removed so far at a weight of 378,015 pounds, she said. One truck load remains at the facility and some loose plastic must be bailed first — which means the Port stands to make a bit more off the surplus material that was originally used in creating the NewWood siding material.

The Port is still exploring its options on what to do with the NewWood site after no buyers have come forward.