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Old Monte building to house future butcher shop

Wynooche Valley Meats is in the process of buying the city’s old public works building, under an arrangement that would allow them to lease the building for two years and then buy it outright after that.

The Montesano City Council approved the deal April 8 following a 20-minute, closed-door executive session.

The announced terms of the deal has the company paying $1,000 per month with $500 of that going to the purchase option. After two years, the company could complete the purchase with an offer of $110,000, according to Mayor Ken Estes.

“The purchaser intends to spend up to $100,000 of his own money to remodel the old building for retail purposes and hopes to begin this by July 1,” Estes said.

Councilman Chris Hutchings made a motion for the city to counter for the full sale price of the building and not the lease option, but it didn’t receive the support of his fellow council members.

The final sale was approved on a 3-1 vote with three council members absent from the meeting. Approving the sale were Councilwomen Marisa Salzer and Pam McElliott and Councilman Ken Walkington. Hutchings voted against it.

As part of the deal, the city will bear the expense of removing all of the old office space inside the building, located on Wynooche Ave E. behind the Thriftway. And the purchaser must also return to the council and apply for a parking easement before opening.

The owners of Wynooche Valley Meats confirmed the sale and said they plan to open a butcher shop at the location. They didn’t have time to talk about the details for this week’s edition of The Vidette.

City Administrator Kristy Powell says the owners intend to employ four people at the facility.

“This is a great opportunity for Montesano to bring another, well-respected business into the city,” Powell said.

A website for Wynooche Valley Meats states they have a current facility on Old Wynooche Road.

Estes notes that Wynooche Valley Meats intends on keeping an old tin storage shed behind the shop, which is on railroad property and the city has been leasing for storage.

The sale is not yet final and the sale documents were not yet available for public review, according to Powell.

In February, the city sold its old shed, neighboring the public works building, to Traffic Control Co., Inc for use as storage for a price of $95,000.

The former shop building and land was valued by the Grays Harbor Assessor’s Office at $280,045 and the former public works building and land was valued at $182,815. A deal valued at $175,000 for both properties fell apart in January.