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Mary’s River Lumber issues seasonal layoffs

Mary’s River Lumber in Montesano went through a round of seasonal layoffs last week, giving pink slips to “about 15” employees, according to a company spokesman.

“This is just a seasonal deal. It happens every year,” said Mary’s River spokesman Brad Kirkbride, who work’s out of Mary’s River headquarters in Corvallis, Ore. “It’s just a seasonal reduction on the planer.”

There are just a couple dozen employees left at the mill.

Kirkbride also denied recent rumors about the company shuttering its Montesano facilities in the near future.

“We’ve had absolutely no discussions about that,” he said.

The city of Montesano recently received permission from the Chehalis Basin Flood Authority to use $6 million in state funds to shore up erosion issues along the Chehalis River. Work is expected to begin this fall, according to Montesano Mayor Ken Estes. The lumber mill at Mary’s River burned down last year, but the other parts of the mill have continued working. The company’s main operations are in Oregon, however, it has a shipping facility outside the city limits of Elma, as well.

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