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Gibbs resigns from Greater Grays Harbor

Greater Grays Harbor Inc. CEO Tim Gibbs announced Thursday that he is resigning so he can be closer to family in Kentucky.

“I have to be a good son before I can be a good person or a good executive director,” he said Friday. “This is not a choice I made lightly, and I will miss Grays Harbor.”

Gibbs came to the community as executive director of the Grays Harbor Economic Development Council. When that organization, which was mainly focused on economic development, merged with the Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce at the start of 2012, he became CEO of the combined organization.

Greater Grays Harbor recruits new business to the area and supports existing businesses.

“Tim’s work has set Greater Grays Harbor up for success. He has worked tirelessly, building relationships with so many partners for economic development in our area,” said Larry Kahl, past chairman of the board and chief operating officer at Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

“We know what the challenges are that lie ahead, and we have a plan to meet those challenges,” Board Chairman Mike O’Dell said. “Tim was a steady guide in the days when the merger was new, but now, we’re a mature organization that is equipped to go forward into the future, and that’s in no small part due to his leadership skills these first few years.”

A search committee will look for Gibbs’ replacement.

“We are looking for somebody who can take us from this place and move us forward,” said Randy Ross, board member and former Board Chair. “Tim was a great find and we’ll miss his talent and skills.”

Among goals for Greater Grays Harbor is to pursue the creation of a “world class” visitor and enterprise center, planned for the entrance to Aberdeen, said Ross and the organization’s marketing and communications director Callie White, calling Gibbs one of the two best bosses of her career.

“I will miss him personally and professionally,” she said.