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The Seahawks is more entertaining than a spelling bee

It’s time for my first column of 2014. Personally, I enjoyed 2013 because when I wrote it down on my worksheets at school, the ‘3’ was so much fun to write. And it reminds me of Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, whose jersey number is 3.

Because I don’t adapt well to things, I’ll probably still be writing the date wrong on my math assignments for the rest of the year. The good news is that I can write the ‘four’ in a million different ways. I seem to spend more time doodling on my assignments than actually doing them, yet I still get straight As, and I can’t tell who’s more baffled — me or my teacher.

Anyway, let’s get to the first topic. School! Aww… winter break was good while it lasted but it’s always nice to show off what you got for Christmas when you come back. On Jan. 10, Simpson had its annual geography bee. I wasn’t in it this year, nor did I want to be, because I didn’t want to spend winter break studying. I mean, that could ruin my whole vacation!

I’d much rather draw with my feet on the dresser listening to rock music. A few people from each fifth and sixth grade class got to participate, and they decided on who got to do it by taking a ‘this or this’ test and the people who had the highest scores are participants and alternates. We didn’t study for it — it was just a test to see what you know. This struck me as a bit unfair, since you only had two choices and there’s always guessing if you’re not sure, AND since you have to study for the actual bee… but, oh well. Finally, on Friday the 10th, it came along and we were all filing into the cafeteria.

We sat there on the floor for, like, three whole hours! There were seven rounds this year. Instead of just eliminating people every round or every few rounds like all the years before. I thought it was great for all the contestants who were better in one category and not so good in another. But, for us audience members, it was painful. The cafeteria floor also failed the “Finger Test.” Wipe your finger on the floor and it turns up brown. Like, seriously?? I was bursting out of the nest I had made with my coat and having to bite my tongue not to whisper or shout the answers. When they reached the final rounds, it got really interesting because everyone up on the stage kept getting the wrong answers and the three elimination rounds for the people who were tied turned into five. And the numbers kept multiplying and multiplying… It was like a suspenseful reality show.

Finally, they had enough people eliminated to the point where only two people were left, 5th grader Josh Corbett and 6th grader Ben Wills. I was rooting for Josh because his mother is my teacher, and I wanted her to be in a good mood for the rest of the day. This was the point where my body was asleep and my mind was in la-la land, so I don’t remember how long it went on, but in the end, Josh won.

I was relieved it was over, but looking back at it now, it really wasn’t that bad. For one thing, we missed our math period.


Okay, I just have to say I’m a huge Seahawks fan. I know the whole roster. All I asked for on Christmas was a Richard Sherman jersey. I feel blessed; really I do, to have such a wonderful team to cheer on. You have people like Derrick Coleman, who is legally deaf and made it in the NFL as one of our offensive players; Russell Wilson who is only in his second year and is already going to the Super Bowl. Ah, I love it!! And of course my favorite Seahawk, Richard Sherman, who is always entertaining. I find it very heartening to watch the 12th Man as well. When I was watching the NFC Championship though, I saw way too much red in the stands. I couldn’t enjoy the game as much because it was hard to tell if the majority of the noise was boos or cheers. Forty-whiner fans, your colors are a disgrace to CenturyLink!

Until next time, hope I get to write about how we crushed the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII!

Julieanna Chilman lives in Brady. She is a fifth-grader at Simpson Elementary in Montesano, and is interested in art and marine biology. Contact her by emailing the editor at