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Pages of the Past

An advertisement from The Vidette published 120 years ago this week.
An advertisement from The Vidette published 120 years ago this week.

120 Years Ago

Sept. 22, 1893

A clerk in one of the stores in this city started out a few evenings since to deliver an order of goods. In doing so he found it necessary to pass the home of a young lady friend, and thought he would stop for a chat. Leaving the articles on the door step, he entered the house. Coming out a few minutes later he discovered that while he was within, someone had stolen the articles from the doorstep. Moral: Clerks should deliver goods first, and stop to see their girls on the return trip.

• • •

L. Mooney informs us that recently parties have been using dynamite to destroy the fish in the Wynooche River, on his place, and that if the offense is repeated, he shall prosecute them. Such a gross violation of the law is without justification whatsoever.

• • •

Three of the four saloons in town are now operating without licenses. A few weeks ago, the saloon keepers petitioned the council to reduce the license from the present fee of $500 per year, but the council took no action. In cases where the licenses have expired the saloons claim to have stopped selling liquors, confining their sales to “soft drinks” and cigars.

100 Years Ago

Sept 19, 1913

Gold Near Montesano

George Sell and W.F. Barrows returned from a prospecting trip last Saturday. They were gone only two or three days and were not any time more than six or eight miles from Montesano. They were not entirely unsuccessful, however, as they brought back several small pieces of gold in a bottle. Frank Bower aroused the cupidity of many by placing a big grain of the yellow metal under a magnifying glass, which made it look like a Klondike nugget, and inviting passers-by to feat their eyes upon it. Gold has been found along the beds of the Wynooche and Satsop rivers, as well as most of the creeks in this section, but never in paying quantities. Messrs. Barrows and Sell say that the canyon that they prospected is filled with logs and underbrush, which render the work very difficult.

They panned the gravel in several places, seldom failing to get colors, but did not go to bed rock, merely skimming the surface gravel. They intend to renew their prospecting in the near future, at which time they will be more thorough. The general opinion among old prospectors is that there is a quartz ledge at the head of the canyon, which has thus far baffled the most rigorous search. The location where they prospected is withheld by Barrows and Sell, in order to avoid a possible stampede to the ground.

75 Years Ago

Sept. 22, 1938

Orders confiscating the set nets of George Lytle and Joe Williams were signed here Monday by Superior Judge J.M. Phillips on petition of B.M. Brennan, state director of fisheries. Both men have been convicted by Justice Arthur M. Furnia here of having the set nets in the Humptulips River, which is closed to commercial fishing.

Lytle was fined $200 and Williams was sent to jail for 30 days.

• • •

The Bee Hive Koffy Shop here is closed temporarily while the place is being renovated, repainted and repaired. It will be open again in a few days.

• • •

The new piers for the Tornow bridge over the Satsop River, on the Matlock Road, have been completed and the superstructure will be here this week, according to the county engineer’s office.

The bridge will replace the one that collapsed last Armistice Day and is expected to be completed within the month.

50 Years Ago

Sept. 19, 1963

Chief of Police Bruce Curtright reported considerable damage to tombstones and graves by vandals in Wynooche Cemetery over the week end. The cemetery was also littered with empty beer bottle, apparently the aftermath of a wild party.

“A person who stoops so low as to desecrate a grave is the lowest type of criminal,” Curtright said in announcing that hereafter anyone found in the cemetery after dark, without proper explanation, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

• • •

Held to a mere 11 yards rushing and a total of 53 yards from both passing and rushing, the Montesano Bulldogs went down to defeat in the season’s opener last Friday night to Hoquiam, bowing to the Grizzlies by a score of 31-0.

25 Years Ago

Sept. 22, 1988

If projections being made now by Port of Grays Harbor officials hold, it could well become a reality that log exports from the five log loading facilities on the Harbor may reach the “magic” 896 million board feet mark by Dec. 31, some 150 million board feet over the record set last year.

10 Years Ago

Sept. 18, 2003

The McCleary City Council approved a resolution to put an electric utility tax increase on the November ballot to fund police and other services.

Resolution 491 will ask city residents to vote on a 6 percent tax increase on their electric utility bill for services, including police, fire and public works. The increase from the current 6 percent to 12 percent is expected to generate an extra $138,000 a year and prevent a cut in the police department from five to three.

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