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Pages of the Past

120 years ago

Friday, March 3, 1893

City Council Proceedings

Montesano, Feb. 28, 1893

Present — Mayor W. H. Bush, Councilmen Boyington, Hall, Morgan, Pike.

Minutes of Feb. 21 approved.

Street committee presented the following report:

We find the cost of the sidewalk on Silvia street, without gutter and railing, was 19 ½ cents per foot; cost of railing, 4 ½ cents per foot. Railings and gutter were ordered by city council, and we recommend that the city pay that out of the general street fund.

J. W. Hall, Thos. Morgan, Committee.

T. D. Schofield appeared before the council and presented the matter of electric light warrants; also the judgment of $128.50, Houts vs. City. On motion judgment was ordered paid.

It was moved that the council accept and approve the bond of James A. Kelley, and that the clerk be instructed to issue him a liquor license as required by ordinance No. 190. Ayes — Hall, Pike; nays — Boyington, Morgan. Motion lost.

On motion the city clerk was instructed to draw a warrant on the street fund, amount $205.02, in favor of First street improvement fund, to pay city’s part for grading said first street.

The question of granting a liquor licenses to James A. Kelley was reconsidered and carried.

100 years ago

Friday, March 7, 1913

Chehalis County Fair Meeting

A meeting has been called by the president of the Chehalis County Fair Association, for Tuesday, March 11, in the grill room of the Washington Hotel, at not later than 1:30 o’clock, giving an opportunity for those coming from the East to have their luncheon before that time. The questions to be considered will be whether Chehalis County will carry on her fair work any longer, the financing of the same, and the permanent location.

Propositions will be considered from all points in the county, and united effort will be made by all interested, to make the Chehalis County fairs, what they should be, the best county fairs in the state of Washington. Everybody from everywhere in the county interested in the work will be expected at this meeting, and we hope to get a general expression.

J. E. Calder, Secretary.

75 years ago

Thursday March 3, 1938

Nudist Colony Marking Time

No Action Until Legal Status Assured

Further activities of the Beavers, Grays Harbor nudist organization, will be held in abeyance.

“We have no question in our minds but that our program is legal and proper in every respect,” The Vidette was told. “Its has been so determined in other states.”

Official opinion differed. Some took the view that a nudist colony would violate laws against decency. Others took the view that no laws would be violated by a private organization, operating privately, on its own property, remote from neighbors. Members of the Beavers declare that the moral tone of legitimate nudist camps is of the highest. Liquor is strictly forbidden and improper conduct is taboo.

Revelation of the exact location of the proposed colony was refused by the organization, but it is understood to be close to Montesano.

Local Financing Expected to

Spur Building Here

France Announces Bank

Will Handle Title 1 Loans

Announcement was made this Thursday by W. H. France, manager of the Montesano branch of the National Bank of Commerce, that that institution will receive applications for loans under title 1 of the federal housing act.

Title 1 includes not only home modernization, but also loans for new homes up to $2,500, under liberal terms as to the rate of interest and length of loan.

This move is expected to spur building activities here, inasmuch as previous federal housing plans could not be financed directly in Montesano.

50 years ago

Thursday, March 7, 1963

Cheers By Wire

The Bulldogs had a big gallery on opening day at the class A tournament in Tacoma Wednesday night.

The audible cheers were augmented by many more that reached them via a telegram, signed by 119 Montesanans, arranged by Walter Meek of Walt’s Broiler.

The message was short and to the point. The boys were impressed by the great array of names, all personally signed by their fans.

Sports Note — Bulldogs basketball takes fist in Southwest Washington District Title (first time in Montesano basketball history), fifth at state.

Bullet Hits Monte Home

While Ray Willis was pruning a tree behind his home at 903 Simpson avenue west, close to noon on Sunday, he heard a rifle bullet zing by him.

It was apparently fried from the south and it hit his home. He notified the police department which believes the slug is larger than a .22 caliber.

“Firing of guns within the city limits or in any congested area is strictly against the law,” the police department said. “It is highly dangerous.”

Willis told the department that he heard at least five shots in rapid succession.

25 years ago

Thursday March 3, 1988

If you ask me:

What’s your idea of a big adventure?

Ron Wright, Montesano, maintenance man: “Just getting out in the countryside and finding out what is really going on in the local area. There is a lot to be seen around here.”

Stacy Evenson, Montesano, secretary: “Going to Hawaii and doing all the things that I’ve never done before. Things like scuba diving, snorkeling and all the good stuff.”

Mike Snodgrass, Aberdeen, educator: “Jumping from an aircraft over an unexplored area, and not knowing anything about my own location.”

Guilynn Harke, Cosmopolis, sectary: “Going somewhere for a few days with my husband, where it is not only quiet, but romantic as well.”

10 years ago

Thursday, March 6, 2003

District 5 rejects Elma

Fire Department’s new contract

After seven tumultuous months of negotiations, which included four unreturned memos and a closed-door meeting, District 5 Fire Commissioners unanimously rejected Elma Fire Department’s contract proposal Mar. 3 at a District 5 Fire Commissioners meeting in Elma.

Both sides maintain the dispute is not personal. It’s simply a matter of money and liability. “We need to have a contract,” said City Attorney Dan Glenn. “it is the primary responsibility of each party. We want a contract to define our responsibilities more fully. Who has the ultimate responsibility if something should go wrong? We just want to clarify all that. It’s a matter of ultimate fiscal responsibility. If somebody messes up and there’s liability, the question is who is ultimately fiscally responsible.”

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