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Pages of the Past

120 Years Ago

Aug. 10, 1894

We made a tour inspection of the improvement work being done on the Wynooche River to protect the wagon bridge a few days ago.

The work is progressing satisfactorily and will soon be completed.

Hall & Bryan expect to finish their pile driving today, and have about a week’s work beside. F.C. Porter has a force at work filling in the jetty.

We believe a first-class job of work is being done, and that it will stand against high water, but we fear that unless another jetty is built near the bend of the river below the railroad bridge, that the channel will cut through behind the present work, leaving the bridge and jetties high and dry, with no river near them.

We hope, however, that will not be the case.

100 Years Ago

Aug. 7, 1914

A.J. Flood and Harry Pierce, employees of Pugh and Arenz, contractors on the county road east of this city, were arrested last Saturday by Sheriff Schelie Matthews on a warrant from Vancouver, charging the men with horse stealing. Both men are trusted employees and the company by whom they are employed offered to put up bail in the sum of $1,000 for the men. This offer was refused by the Vancouver authorities, who sent an officer for the men. Both men protested their innocence. The men were released the first of this week by the Vancouver officers and returned to the Harbor.

• • •

Now that practically all of the great powers of Europe are at war, it is the main topic of conversation here. There are few foreigners in Montesano and, so far as learned, there are none who will respond to the call to military duty.

75 Years Ago

Aug. 10, 1939

Now that it is over, it can be told.

With the resumption of evening sprinkling of Montesano gardens, announced this Thursday by the water department, the city revealed that a most serious situation existed here this week.

“Only the wholehearted cooperation of all our citizens prevented a real crisis,” it was stated. “An unusual combination of exceptionally dry weather, with hot east wind, and increased consumption by the cannery resulted in a depletion of supply, which reached a dangerous extent.”

The cannery, whose season now is closing, has been using close to a million gallons a day, nearly twice the daily consumption last year. At the same time, the daily intake was cut down due to the hot, drying weather. The city finally prohibited sprinkling in order to maintain a reserve in case of fire.

The water committee, headed by Carl Schafer, has taken under consideration the development of additional sources of water supply in order to avoid a similar situation next year. Wells may be sunk in the Wynooche Valley, from which water would be pumped to the reservoir. This would give the city an inexhaustible source of water.

50 Years Ago

Aug. 6, 1964

The state Parks Commission hopes to spend $20,000 on capital improvements in Lake Sylvia State Park, according to its budget for the next biennium.

This is part of a million-dollar program planned for 37 state parks, but subject to approval by the Legislature, which will convene in January.

At Lake Sylvia, the budget contemplates $18,000 for improving the bathing beach and $2,000 for utilities.

25 Years Ago

Aug. 10, 1989

The long-awaited Highway 12 and Devonshire Road interchange, which will eventually include an overpass for those vehicles entering or leaving the highway, took another step closer to reality the past two weeks. Work men removed the stored fill dirt from the old bridge site on Highway 12, where the Department of Transportation installed a large culvert last year. to a site near the end of West Pioneer Street and across from the Wynooche Cemetery entrance road. However, because of the lack of funds, the actual construction of the interchange is still a way off. Funding is not expected to become a reality until at least sometime next year after the Legislature, which convenes in January, has an opportunity to include the project in the DOT budget.

10 Years Ago

Aug. 5, 2004

The five Democrats who have filed for two county commissioner positions have just five and a half weeks to convince Grays Harbor voters to put them on the general election ballot.

No Republicans filed for either position during the week-long filing period that ended July 30.

Taking on incumbent Bob Beerbower of Elma for the East County commissioner position are Earl Hari of Elma and Terry Willis of Brady.

Mike Wilson and Dolores Cobb, both of Aberdeen, are vying for the position Dennis Morrisette is vacating.