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Pages of the Past

120 Years Ago

July 13, 1894

The game of ball advertised for Wednesday afternoon, between Montesano and the Stanford University team, the amateur champions of the Pacific coast, did not take place. Complete arrangements had been made for the contest, and it was expected to come off until Wednesday morning, when a telegram was received from the manager of the Stanfords, stating that on account of the railroad strike they could not come down. This announcement was a severe disappointment to Montesano people and a great many others in the county. Two boat loads of people were then on the way from Aberdeen and Hoquiam, a number had arrived by the morning train, and the steamer Montesano, which had been chartered by the Montesano ball club, would have run from the Harbor towns, and would have brought up a crowd limited only by her carrying capacity.

100 Years Ago

July 10, 1914

The Brooks saloon at Aberdeen, conducted by Gus Saugstad, was robbed Monday morning early by a lone bandit, who entered by the rear door, thrust a revolver into the face of the proprietor and took $800 from the safe and cash register. Of the amount, $500 was in gold and the balance silver and checks. Saugstad was then locked in a closet in the saloon and the robber ran from the back door. The alarm was given almost at once, as Saugstad broke down the closet door, and the chase of the man was taken up. He ran to the Anderson & Middleton docks, where he disappeared under the wharf. A search was made by the chief of police and Sheriff Schelle Matthews and Deputy Fitzgerald all day Monday, but with no success.

75 Years Ago

July 13, 1939

Montesano has a sweet tooth.

In fact, Montesano, with a 1930 census population of less than 2,500, eats more candy than Raymond, with nearly twice the population.

This information is on the authority of an expert, none other than J.H. Martinsen of the Olympic Candy company, Aberdeen, wholesalers of confectionery. Martinsen bases his statement not only on his own sales, but on general consumption.

“In fact, Montesano is one of the best candy consumers in the country,” Martinsen said.

Maybe that accounts for the sweet disposition of most Montesanans.

50 Years Ago

July 9, 1964

Purchase of the Osterburg Motel on Pioneer Avenue in Montesano by Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Lunsford was announced this week by Mr. and Mrs. David Osterburg.

The sale, effective July 1, included only the motel portion of the business. The Osterburgs will retain ownership of the six-unit apartment house.

25 Years Ago

July 13, 1989

The Montesano City Council Tuesday evening approved an architectural agreement, less any financial commitment, for development of plans for the conversion of the Park ‘N’ Ride lot at the foot of Sylvia Street into a rest stop facility for westbound motorists on Highway 12. However, any such actual conversion has quite a way to go before any construction can possibly begin., and one of the very first things that must be done, according to Councilman John Tennafoss, is to have an appraisal conducted on the Smith Tractor lots adjacent to the existing parking lot. In addition to that, the actual scope of work will have to be approved by the council before any construction will begin.

10 Years Ago

July 8, 2004

An attorney from Olympia is talking to a group of Montesano residents interested in pursuing legal action against the city council for an alleged violation of the state Open Meetings Act.

The citizens began considering the possible lawsuit after The Vidette reported failed efforts to get members of the Public Safety Committee to comply with repeated requests for notice of meetings.

The committee insists its meetings, especially a Sunday morning meeting that resulted in proposed budget cuts totaling $950,000, did not break the law. The committee has since begun following council policy of allowing the public to attend its meetings.