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Pages of the Past

120 Years Ago

May 4, 1894

The Hoquiam Hotel was finally sold, Tuesday morning at a sheriff sale, and was bid in by M.H. Arnot, of New York, who held a mortgage on the property, for about $22,000. The Hoquiam is a magnificent structure and would be creditable to a city fifty times the size of Hoquiam. It is not known what disposition will be made of the property.

100 Years Ago

May 8, 1914

In a shooting affray at Elma Wednesday morning, Frank Aschberg, a saloonkeeper of that city, was fatally wounded by Otto Miller, a man whom Aschberg had often befriended. Aschberg died yesterday noon from the effects of the injury. The act was unprovoked.

Miller entered the Aschberg saloon about 10:30 Wednesday morning and with the remark, “You said I was an I.W.W., take that,” opened fire. The bullet from a .32-caliber revolver entered the right breast of the victim, but the shock was so slight Aschberg did not know he had been hit, and he dodged behind a partition and ran from the back door of the saloon to escape further shots, not being armed. When it was found how badly he was hurt, he was taken to the Elma hospital, where the wound was given attention.

After firing the shot, Miller waved the gun at men in the saloon to stand back and walked out into the street. He was taken in charge by Rodney Maxwell and E.S. Avey and placed in jail. Later in the afternoon, he was brought to this city by Sheriff Mathews and is being held pending the filing of charges.

Miller claims that trouble over a saloon license caused the shooting.

75 Years Ago

May 4, 1939

Gerald Birindelli of McCleary came to Montesano last Saturday and returned home the acknowledged marble champion of these parts.

He took first place in the senior boy group.

He triumphed again and became the champion boy.

And then, in the finals with Margaret Kitchin, who was Montesano’s representative, he became the grand champion of the day.

The event was the Active Club’s annual marble tournament Other results were:

Arthur Cobb, McCleary, junior boy champion; Lillian Borro, Montesano, junior girl champion; and Margaret Kitchin, senior girl champion.

Prizes were donated by Jackson’s Hardware, Vanderpool Pharmacy, Deane Drug Company, the Goodie Garden, Safeway and the Monte Theater.

Jack Nepple was chairman of the tournament committee, assisted by Paul Fournier and Bert Cole.

50 Years Ago

May 7, 1964

She was perhaps the last of the covered wagon pioneers of the Montesano area.

She was Marie Alice Strand (Mrs. John Strand), who died in a Portland hospital at the age of 88 on Wednesday, April 29.

She came to Montesano and Melbourne in a covered wagon 1888, before the railroad had reached this area. She was only 13 years old then. The long, tedious journey had started in Texas, her birth place, three years before.

She was born near Austin, Texas, on June 30, 1875. Her father, William Fisk Lockett, was a cattle rancher and for a while a border ranger. Learning of the booming mining activity around Leadville, Colorado, he decided to move his family there, along with a herd of horses he hoped to sell.

Mr. and Mrs. Lockett and their eight children, including Maria, made the long journey in a covered wagon, part of a small wagon train. After a year or so in Colorado, they decided to push farther west and continued their journey to Grays Harbor country in the same covered wagon. The final trek in their migration took about a year. The homesteaded across the Chehalis River from Melbourne.

25 Years Ago

May 4, 1989

A large group of South Beach residents, better than 700 people who signed a petition, want a Parks and Recreation District formed that would focus on a public swimming pool, and they aren’t coming to the county to ask for funding of any kind. But they do need assistance forming such a district and the commissioners Monday indicated they would do everything possible to assist them.

10 Years Ago

May 6, 2004

The recently enhanced and enlarged Grays Harbor Raceway at the Fairgrounds in Elma opened its gates to a record opening-day crowd of nearly 3,000 race fans from all over the Northwest on Saturday, May 1.

The now three-eighths-of-a-mile dirt track was spitting dirt all night long in several classes of races.