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Pages of the Past

120 years ago

April 27, 1894

WYNOOCHE — F.A. Katon and family moved on to the Johnson place on Peel Slough on Wednesday. Meantime, Fred Katon had the misfortune to break one of his ribs by accidentally stepping off a high sidewalk last week. And the amateur ministrel troup that gave a performance at the closing meeting of the Melbourne Literary Society, gave a very creditable entertainment, and was enjoyed by old and young alike.

• • •

WESTPORT — John Law, of Montesano, is having a large time here shooting geese.

100 years ago

April 24, 1914

The U.S. Forest Service has no idea how much timber is actually in their local forests, according to County Assessor R.A. Wiley. They know how much they own in Chelan, Columbia, Rainier, Wenatchee — but not here. Now, if the refusal to grant the appropriation for the Grays Harbor jetty is based on such flimsy information as the forest service seems to have the proving of the justice of our claims seems to be a matter easily accomplished when definite, reliable data is placed before the board of engineers. At any rate, it indicates a condition of affairs if the records of the forest service bear out the report given Mr. Wiley the entire department is deserving of renovation.

• • •

The new Montesano City Hall and fire hall will be dedicated on April 29. The firemen’s ball is, accordingly, Saturday, May 2. Three flags on poles will be installed. These flags might well be kept floating over this building, which stands as an example oif civic patriotism in our little city. (Editor’s Note: A look ahead shows that the dedication actually happened May 6, 1914. They delayed it a week, according to our 100-year-old Vidette because of a fight between the firefighters and the city.)

• • •

Advertisement: $5.50 for a ton of coal. Burns clean, makes no clinkers and the ashes are as fine as powder. Buy Tono coal.

75 years ago

April 27, 1939

As a result of a campaign by the local Red Cross and the schools of eastern Grays Harbor, a large number of seniors from high schools of Elma, Montesano and Oakville were given tuberculosis tests this week by Dr. Leslie P. Anderson at the Oakhurst sanitorium. There were 32 from Montesano High School.

• • •

Because of the serious condition of Mrs. Rottle’s health, A.J. Rottle has decided to leave Montesano after being in business here for 14 years.

50 years ago

April 30, 1964

Bob Meyer will be the new head football coach here at Montesano High School this fall. Meyer had been assistant coach and will succeed Dick Watson. Assisting Meyer will be coach Robert Izzy.

• • •

Firemen will celebrate Firemen Recognition Day on May 4 by offering free rides in the department’s fire trucks. The department is made up of 28 volunteers and two paid drivers overseen by Chief W.H. Rozen.

• • •

Natural gas is expected to come to Montesano this July, Cascade Natural gas manager says.

25 years ago

April 27, 1989

The Ford/Mercury gas station stopped pumping gas this week. Formerly the Brumfield-Twidwell station, it was sold. Vessey & Sons Construction began tearing up the asphalt. The entire remodeling project at Montesano Ford, which entails moving the lube room, offices and expanding the showroom, will be completed in July.

10 years ago

April 29, 2004

Lights, camera and action at Elma High School: Is cable next? Elma High School is hoping for a public access television station, courtesy of Comcast Cable. The cities of McCleary and Elma have already agreed to request the service.

• • •

County Commissioner Bob Beerbower will seek a third term. He’ll be challenged by newcomer Terry Willis. Beerbower was first elected in 1995.