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Pages of the Past

This advertisement appeared in The Vidette 50 years ago this week. It features the debut of the Ford Mustang, first sold in 1964.
This advertisement appeared in The Vidette 50 years ago this week. It features the debut of the Ford Mustang, first sold in 1964.

120 Years Ago

April 27, 1894

Probably the finest lot of cattle ever marketed in this county was a herd of twenty-three head sold the first of the week by James Gleason Jr. of the Satsop. They were 4-year-olds and averaged 1,300 pounds each. Most of them were steers, which brought three cents, while the cows sold for still less. It is useless to say that Mr. Gleason lost money in the transaction, for cattle cannot be raised at a profit for such a price; but it was better to sell at the rate obtained than to continue feeding the stock and get no more for them. It is just such circumstances that discourage the farmers, and who can blame them?

• • •

There is some probability that a celebration will be held in this city July 4. We understand that a number of races will take place at Arland’s race track, the baseball boys will have a game of ball, and the gun club will conduct a shoot. These attractions will be about all that is necessary to entertain the people, and the day can be observed without much expense to anyone.

100 Years Ago

April 24, 1914

As now planned the dedication of the new city hall and fire department station will be held on the evening of April 29, next Wednesday. The firemen’s opening ball is accordingly scheduled for Saturday evening, May 2. The Eagles plan their celebration and house warming in the new hall for Thursday, May 7.

• • •

The baseball association has made an agreement with D.P. Harmon, last year with the Victoria team of the Nortwestern League, to pitch for the local team this summer. Harmon has a good record for the last few seasons and is said to be in better condition this spring than ever before. Harmon had a chance to go back to Victoria this season but held out for more salary and was dropped, consequently the local club was able to sign him. With the aquisition of a strong pitcher such as Harmon seems to be, there is no doubt but we will have a winning team this summer that will be a credit to the city.

75 Years Ago

April 27, 1939

Because of the serious condition of Mrs. Rottle’s health, A.J. Rottle has decided to leave Montesano, after being in business here for 14 years.

Announcement is made in this week’s Vidette of a closing-out sale of the Rottle Bros. department store, including store fixtures.

“We deeply regret having to leave Montesano, where we have so many friends,” Rottle said. “But the doctor has advised us it is absolutely necessary to move to another climate We had hoped Mrs. Rottle’s condition would be temporary, but we are convinced now we must move.”

Rottle formerly occupied the location where the Montesano Hardware company now is, but in more recent years moved to his present corner location. His store features dry goods of all kinds and clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

• • •

Ground was broken Wednesday at Sylvia Lake for the construction of a caretaker’s cottage.

The structure will occupy a picturesque site on the hillside near the approach to the forest theater.

Under the direction of the state parks committee, the old store has been removed and other improvements undertaken.

50 Years Ago

April 23, 1964

Several hundred dollars in cash was stolen from Valu Brug store in Montesano Shopping Center early Tuesday morning as burglars used a stolen pickup truck to batter their way through the rear entrance of the building.

The robbery occurred some time between 12:25 a.m., when manager Clyde Dahlin left the store, and 4 a.m. when the break-in was discovered.

The back door to the store was battered in and the asfe wheeled out and loaded onto a stolen pickup belonging to the Mid-Mountain Construction Company. The robbers drove to a spot about two blocks away, where they transferred the safe to another vehicle and departed.

In addition to what cash was in the safe it also contained Dahlin’s private coin collection on which he could place no dollar value. No narcotics were taken, Dahlin said, and a register in the front of the store containing about $25 in change was not disturbed.

25 Years Ago

April 27, 1989

As was the case two weeks ago, Montesano’s city council Tuesday evening opted to table another request for city funds, this time a $1,000 contract with the Chehalis Valley Historical Society that maintains a museum on West Pioneer.

The council had a motion on the table to approve the contract, but Councilman Bill Rozen told his colleagues, “I really don’t see where the city has any obligation to assist a project like this. Now, don’t get me wrong when I say something like that. The museum is undoubtedly an asset to the city, but at the same time I don’t believe we have any obligation to provide any funding through a contract.”

In any event, the council then decided to table action until such time as a representative of the museum can appear to offer some explanations.

10 Years Ago

April 22, 2004

In a financial report from state auditor Brian Sonntag, Elma School District misspent funds meant to provide professional development and parental involvement in the Title 1 program at Elma schools.

Title 1 grants provide financial assistance to schools with high numbers or percentages of low-income chldren to help make sure they reach state academic achievement standards.

Superintendent Tami Hickle added that the district wasn’t penalized because the funds were miscoded, not misused.

“We did spend the money on staff development; we just didn’t code it to Title 1,” she said.