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Pages of the Past

120 Years Ago

March 23, 1894

An arrangement has been made between the farmers of the Wynooche Valley and the Satsop creamery whereby milk will be furnished to the creamery. A separator will be built west of town, where the cream will be separated from the milk and taken to the creamery. It is expected that things will be in readiness for the delivery of milk by the middle of April. As we have said before, this kind of arrangement is the next best thing to a creamery for the farmers, and we are not sure but that considering the times it is even better, when the amount of capital required is taken into consideration.

100 Years Ago

March 20, 1914

The Montesano High School second basketball team defeated the Elma Outlaw team last Friday evening by a score of 28 to 8. The Elma boys were small and could not shoot baskets very well.

75 Years Ago

March 23, 1939

Carl Lundquist, 35, who the local police have been seeking since he disappeared from here several months ago, is now in the county jail here. He was arrested in Boise, Idaho. He is charged with embezzling from Arland’s Dairy here, while acting as its driver.

50 Years Ago

March 19, 1964

Replacing George Curtis, James Kling was named by Grays Harbor County commissioners Monday as 4-H Extension Agent for the county.

Kling is presently with the King County Extension office, but is expected to resign in time to take over here on April 1, when Curtis leaves.

When Kling takes over, he will also serve as agent for Pacific County, with his headquarters in Montesano. This “share the agent” idea will be on a trial basis to see if the plan is workable.

Several groups, mainly Granges, asked the county commissioners to keep Curtis in his poast here, but the official pointed out that the decision to accept a new position elsewhere was that of Curtis alone.

25 Years Ago

March 23, 1989

After a public hearing that lasted some two hours, the county commissioners opted to grant the Seaport Authority in Aberdeen a total of $100,000 to be used to assist in two planned trips of the newly launched 105-foot Lady Washington, which will be used as an “ambassador” to promote tourism in Grays Harbor.

A array of people,, both associated with the Seaport Authority and interested citizens, appeared before the commissioners to voice their support of the grant money, which will be taken from the hotel/motel tax collected in unincorporated areas of the county. State law requires that such funds can only be spent for promoting tourism, since the majority of funds are derived from tourists visiting the county.

However, not all those who testified Monday were convinced that building the two tall ships, or using them to promote tourism, will really work to the advantage of residents of the Harbor.

Al Roberts of Montesano told the board, “The people in 1986 pretty well said they did not want to be involved in the tall ship project and rejected it at the polls. Now if you approve this $100,000, it appears to me that you are going to spend public funds for what appears to be a private enterprise.

Others, like Toni Gwin of Hoquiam’s Polson Museum, while she wasn’t strictly against the tall ship project, voiced hope that the commissioners would keep other projects like the county’s museums in mind when it comes to allocating future funds.

“Some 52 percent of the 46,500 visitors to the Polson Museum in the past 13 years were tourists from other states and countries,” she said. “So if it proves one thing. Tourists in our county do visit the museums.

Ronny Redman of Westport told the board, “The Westport Maritime Museum had some 16,000 visitors last year and more than 95 percent of them came from areas outside the county. We could use a VCR to help promote our museum, but we can’t afford it,” she hinted.

10 Years Ago

March 18, 2005

The track at Montesano High School will get a state-of-the-art surface under a proposal that goes before the school board tonight.

Also on the board’s agenda tonight is the proposal to name the gym after the late Beam “Bo” Griffith.