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Pages of the Past

120 Years Ago

Feb. 9, 1894

Sneak thieves around here seem to have fastidious tastes. They are no satisfied with anything common. Canned fruit was the first thing they tackled; they now seem to have tired of that and must have a change of diet. Chicken proves to be the favorite disth of the thieves now. The latest report is they took a half dozen chickens belonging to T.L Brewer a couple of nights ago.

• • •

Monday was Chinese day — and the Celestials of Montesano kept open house in honor of their New Year’s day. On such occasions, Chinamen are liberal with their money, and they seldom have any difficulty in finding plenty of white people to help them spend it.

100 Years Ago

Feb. 6, 1914

City Superintendent of School Eldridge Wheeler and Prof. L.B. Baisden, teacher of English, have generously offered their services, and the directors of this school district have consented to permit the use of their school building, for the institution of a night school in Montesano, where residents of foreign birth may secure instruction intended to familiarize them with the English language.

• • •

75 Years Ago

Feb 9, 26, 1939

Responsive to a rising demand for greater safety on the highways, Sheriff M.B. “Tiny” Taylor has issued instruction to his deputies to be on the lookout for violations of traffic laws.

“Our object isn’t to arrest people, but to help stop practices which cause death and injury on our highways,” the sheriff said. “The speed limit on our highways is 50 miles per hour, yet many motorists have been ignoring it.

“Grays Harbor has one of the worst accident records in the nation, and something must be done to make our roads safe.

At the same time, Justice John E. Fox let it be known that violators of speed laws will be assessed at least $1 a mile for any speed over the limit, and more if circumstances warrant.

• • •

Miss Bess Daws, county probation officer, who is in charge of child welfare work for the county, is seeking a home where a 16-year-old boy can work for his board and attend school. “The boy is used to farm work and can milk,” Miss Daws said. Anyone knowing of a place for this boy is asked to either see Miss Daws at the courthouse or phone her at Montesano 173.

50 Years Ago

Feb. 6, 1964

A new salmon fish farm in Grays Harbor County will soon be in production through the joint efforts of the Grays Harbor Poggie Club, landowners Hank Morley and Matt Bloom and the Washington State Department of Fisheries Director George C. Starlund said today.

The new natural production area is Campbell Slough in the Humptulips River delta about nine miles northwest of Hoquiam. The slough comprises approximately 10 acres of water area that drains into North Bay.

25 Years Ago

Feb. 9, 1989

Montesano voters Tuesday placed their stamp of approval on a 20-year , $7.3 million school bond that will see the construction of a new junior/senior high school, slated to face Church Street on the same location as the present Wheeler Building.

• • •

With nearly 10 inches of snow pelting Montesano and the Harbor on February 1 and 2, schools were closed, kids went sledding and adults had their problems with frozen water pipes and driving on a combination of ice and snow. The lowest temperature reached on Montesano was eight degrees above zero on Sunday.

10 Years Ago

Feb. 5, 2004

Citing a shortfall from 2003 that’s $600,000 larger than they’d estimated last fall, the Grays Harbor County Commissioners on Monday spiked the filling of two vacancies in county government.

“At least for now,” Commissioner Dennis Morrisette of Aberdeen said, explaining they fully expect the judges and Prosecutor Stew Menefee to ask for reconsideration.

Just last week the commissioners re-adopted a countywide hiring freeze, and said all requests to fill vacancies must still be approved, even if it’s budgeted.