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Pages of the Past

120 Years Ago

Dec. 29, 1893

A correspondent of the Oregonian, writing from Cosmopolis, has the following to say of business conditions in this section:

Upon the whole, the year has been a successful one for the Harbor, not a bank having closed its doors, although there are eight in the county; not a single groceryman has been forced to the wall; not a mill has cut less lumber than last year, while fully 200 men have found tolerable employment in different capacities about the shingle mills, not one of which was running a year ago. With confidence in money matter fast coming, with a large demand for logs more than probable and very small supply available with the hope that the embargo will be lifted from the shingle business, with four months of profitable fishing just at hand, with the mills all doing there usual December work, the outlook for Grays Harbor is certainly encouraging for next year, and a safe place to transact business, it would seem, even now.

• • •

J.W. Heron and his wife left yesterday for Alpena, Mich., where they will reside permanently. It is severely regretted that they find it to their advantage to remove from Montesano, where they are highly esteemed by the entire community. Mr. Heron has a good position awaiting him, and for this reason leaves before his term of office as marshal expires. They will be missed from this city, and it would be gratifying to know at any future time that they had decided to return to Montesano.

100 Years Ago

Dec. 26, 1913

Sunday afternoon was a bad time for woods ranging, or at least three local boys and the bookkeeper at C.C.L. & T. camp found it so.

Mr. Oliver Crawford, bookkeeper for the C.C.L. & T., left his home at Camp 4 in the afternoon, saying that he would be home in a short time. He lost his way in the woods and was forced to spend the night in the open. When the morning came he found his way back to camp.

Three lads from this city, Bill Wilcox, William La Breck and Floyd Moorehouse, started out Sunday afternoon into the woods up Black Creek and after wandering around until almost dark cut across country towards home. They lost their way and as darkness fell they built a fire and remained by it all night, coming in home as soon as it grew light. In both instances the relatives of the lost person started out searching parties Monday morning, but they were quickly recalled when the missing ones showed up.

75 Years Ago

Dec. 29, 1938

One hundred and sixty Montesanans who have failed to vote for two years have had their registration cancelled, according to City Clerk W.L. Carter, and have been so notified through the mail. To become eligible again, they must re-register at city hall.

Under the new permanent registration law, voters keep their registration alive by voting, but they lose their rights when they fail to appear at the polls for two years.

• • •

For the information of fishermen who have been uncertain about the use of the Jack Lloyd spinner, Lewis Snelling of the Grays Harbor Game Protective association cites the state regulation:

Regulation No. 338: Resolved that on or after January 1, 1939, it shall be unlawful to angle for or take game fish in or from any of the lakes, rivers or waters of the state of Washington by use of any gear, tackle, hook or attraction having more than two spinners, spoons, rudders or like attractions, except such gear shall be permitted in the following named lakes: Crescent, Sutherland, Cushman, American, Tapps and Spirit lakes.

50 Years Ago

Dec. 26, 1963

To date there have been but three filings for city offices, headed by Mayor Lloyd Metke who has filed for re-election to the post he has held since last spring.

Also filing for re-election to the offices they now hold are Harold Kellog, city treasurer, and Roy Lemming, councilman.

Friday, December 27 is the last day for candidates to file.

• • •

Held to a measly 12 points in the entire second half of the ball game, the Montesano Bulldogs blew a nine-point halftime edge last Friday night, bowing to the Eatonville Cruisers by a score of 52 to 41.

Dennis Frizzell turned out to be the high man for the Bulldogs, hitting 17, the only Monte player in double figures. Loss of Frizzell and Jim Johansen in the final stanza via the foul route also hurt Monte’s chances.

25 Years Ago

Dec. 29, 1988

County Commissioner Mike Murphy, who has represented the county’s First District for the past 12 years, bid goodbye to his seat on the commission Monday. He sat in on his last meeting as a commissioner, with his last official act being the appointment of Jerry Busse of Cosmopolis to the county Shoreline Management Board.

Murphy’s father, the late “Tab” Murphy, represented the same district from 1945 to 1968.

• • •

Gov. Booth Gardner announced last week that 22 city and county governments have been awarded $8,852,666 for community development projects in 1989.

The city of Montesano will receive $442,000 for ongoing sanitary sewer improvements and side connection assessments for low-income households. The town of Oakville is to receive $247,000 that will be used for water system improvements and for the development of a city water plan.

10 Years Ago

Dec. 25, 2003

The garbage can that you haul to the curb each week is about to get rolling. But unlike most changes in your garbage service, this one won’t necessarily cost you more money.

The City of Montesano’s new five-year contract with LeMay Enterprises takes effect Jan. 15 and it calls for every household to receive “toters.”

Toters are wheeled garbage cans that LeMay began using after the state adopted its new ergonomic rules. The company purchased new trucks specially equipped to pick up the toters, sparing the drivers the strain.

Voters repealed the controversial ergonomic rules at the polls in November, but not before LeMay had already begun implementing the pick-up system in the six cities it serves on Grays Harbor.

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