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Pages of the Past

120 Years Ago

Dec. 15, 1893

It would seem that some of the boys about town were determined to get into trouble by their mischief making. A few nights ago they threw stones through the window of the Valley house, and not long since broke out one of the expensive panes of glass in the Methodist church. If caught the guilty one will be dealt with severely.

• • •

A gentleman who was engaged in salmon fishing in this county during the season, calls attention to a gross injustice which is constantly being practiced against the quality of Grays Harbor fish by cannerymen. According to his statement, the black salmon are labeled with Columbia River brands; the silver sides as Willapa Harbor products, and the dog salmon as Grays Harbor fish. This is a rank fraud, and no one knows it better than those indulging in it.

100 Years Ago

Dec. 12, 1913

Henry Pennell has severed his connection with the Sheriff’s Office and is now one of the plain clothes force of the Aberdeen police department. Harry is an efficient officer and will make good in almost any official capacity. Sheriff Matthews says that the rumor, which is being so industriously circulated to the effect that the friendly relations between Pennell and himself had been shattered, is not only untrue but absolutely without foundation. The Sherriff says that Pennell is a good officer and he has the most friendly feeling toward him.

• • •

Postmaster F.A. Tarr has received notice from the post office department to the effect that the order making invalid packages, mailed with sticker of any nature affixed to the address side, is suspended until January 1. People mailing Christmas presents will invariably paste Santa Claus stamps or Red Cross seals on the face of their packages, and the suspension of the rule making such packages unmailable is for their benefit.

75 Years Ago

Dec. 15, 1938

Santa Claus will make his first visit in Montesano This Saturday. He is paying a special visit to Penney’s, and will welcome all children between 1 and 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

• • •

At the close of the second week of issuing 1939 automobile licenses, there had been 3,281 issued in Grays Harbor County, County Auditor Harold B. Kellogg announced. This is 397 more than for a similar period a year ago.

Kellogg urged that owners come in now to get their licenses before the final rush starts the last of the year. Cars are required to have the new licenses by New Year’s.

50 Years Ago

Dec. 12, 1963

Montesano High School Bulldog basketballers upset the favored Hoquiam Grizzlies Tuesday night in a thrilling 59-50 contest held on the local maples.

The Bulldogs turned on the heat in the second half of the fray to overcome the high scoring tactics of Hoquiam’s Sturm. Frizsell wound up the high point man for the Bulldogs with 19 points.

Johansen and Dixon both hit double figures in the scoring column, the former winding up with 15 and the latter with 11.

The Bulldogs next encounter is against the Ocosta Wildcats at Ocosta next Tuesday evening.

• • •

Montesano city council members met with four Seattle representatives of the Cascade Natural Gas Co. prior to the regular council meeting Tuesday night to discuss purchase of a 50-foot strip of land by the company.

The strip, approximately four miles long, is needed by the gas company for its main 8-inch line which is to continue from Elma through Montesano to Aberdeen. Approximately 24 acres are involved in the transaction, most of it in grqwing timber.

After considerable pencil work and discussion, the cascade officials offered the council $6,650 for the property, terming it “ a very generous offer.”

As calm as a kilowatt during off-peak hours, Mayor Lloyd Metke said that the city would have to get $20,000 for the strip, but that “we would rather keep the land for future timber sales than have the $20,000.” The Cascade officials appeared a-gassed, but quickly countered with a price of $15,000, considerably more than double their original offer.

With that, the council repaired to private quarters to discuss the matter. After a 10-minute session they returned to the council chambers and notified Cascade that they were standing on the $20,000 figure.

At the suggestion of Mayor Metke, the two groups will sleep on the matter for a week and get together for a special meeting next Tuesday night, December 17, at 7:30 o’clock.

25 Years Ago

Dec. 15, 1988

The Olympic National Forest is one of 13 forests in Washington and Oregon to receive guidelines for managing habitat for the Northern Spotted Owl. A decision signed on December 8 by Forest Service Chief F. Dale Robertson directs these forests to protect suitable spotted owl habitat ensuring viable population levels will be maintained over time.

10 Years Ago

Dec. 11, 2003

Saying they want to give employees a breather, Grays Harbor County Commissioners adopted a $27.4 million general fund budget for 2004 on Monday that doesn’t lay off anybody for the first time in several years.

But they’ll spend $2 million from cash reserves to do it, dropping the estimated year-end balance to about $3.1 million.

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