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Pages of the Past June 13, 2013

120 years ago

Friday, June 9, 1893

Charles Heck and Will Burch are busy delivering shingle bolts ready for shipment at the depot in Oakville.

W.A. Paul has leased the Commercial hotel in Oakville. Will is a well and favorably known to the traveling public and a liberal patronage is assured. Mrs. Snyder has leased a hotel in Gate City.

Word has been received that Frank J. Hills died May 27 at Layport, Ind. of consumption. Frank was a resident of Aberdeen for some time and while here made a host of friends. He went to California about two months ago for his health but did not improve and was brought to his old home at Layport to end his days among friends.

Monday night while the Kickapoo Indian Medicine company were giving an entertainment at the opera house in Aberdeen, an alarm of fire was turned in from Capt. McDonald’s house. The fire companies were heard dashing past, which alarmed the crowd and a rush was made for the door. Luckily, no injuries were done except several town skirts among the fair sex. The fire was caused by a lamp upsetting and was soon extinguished by one of the children with a pail of water.

E.C. Stamper informs us that he will have at least 1,000 boxes of strawberries from his patch north of the railroad at Elma and anyone who takes a look at the prospect will believe him.

Following is the score made at the weekly meeting of the Montesano gun club last Saturday, shooting at clay birds thrown from trap:

C.N. Wilson: 6, E. Avery: 8; H.C. Cooper: 6; E.A. Bacon: 6; Judge Irwin: 2; Frank Byles: 3; John Law: 11; G.M. Cochran: 4; J.S. Law: 3; Jesse Gilkey: 7; Geo Arland: 8; E.H. Story: 6.

100 years ago

June 13, 1913

The Ladies Aid of Satsop gave an ice cream social in the Lynch Building Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Sam Pennick of Saginaw was a Sunday guest at his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pennick of the Wynooche Valley.

The Montesano council was asked to take action with respect to improving the walks on Kamilchie Street and the matter was referred to committee.

The county commissioners have issued a license to operate a ferry between Laidlaw’s Island and the east side of South Bay for one year from this date. Toll for cars will be 50 cents. Passengers 5 cents. Motorcycles, 20 cents. One horse team including driver, 30 cents. Livestock, including horses, cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, each 20 cents.

The price for strawberries in the market is now 15 cents or $3 a crate. The crop is very heavy and the rain has come just as the ripening of the fruit.

A special train is expected to go from Montesano to Hoquiam to celebrate that city’s Splash festival for the 4th of July.

75 years ago

Thursday, June 2, 1938

The Grays Harbor County commissioners refused requests of a delegation of aged petitioners to bring a lawsuit against the state forcing the state to pay $30 a month to all eligible old people.

Carl Alfredson is harvesting a 1 and-a-half-acre crop of asparagus on a hillside and last year sold about $20 of asparagus off of it. He had already increased his plantings to six times the original and plans further expansion.

Approval has been given this week by President Roosevelt to a $2,963 WPA project to complete work on the addition of the Oakhurst sanatorium. The project now goes to the comptroller general for approval.

Sheriff Jeff Bartell told the county commissioners he’s broke. Not his office, but himself, personally. His salary is garnished and his farm is about to be sold by the coroner to satisfy a judgment. Bartell’s financial troubles arise when Bartell was sued by the American Surety Co., which paid the county because of the losses caused by a deputy under Bartell’s watch, who stole money and served a term in prison as a result. The judgment amounts to $4,745. “Now, because of a dishonest employee, not only all I have saved as sheriff has been taken from me, but the home, and the former savings along with it,” Bartell said.

Dance pupils of Miss Elizabeth Vaughn will present a program at the Monte Theater. Those performing include Loraine Neil, Dorothy Parker, Betty Bunn, Maxine Shorey, Marjorie Meyers, Wallace Meyers, Elaine Gleason. Rosemary Gleason, Martha Nelson, Lilia Dromensk, Audrey Hamm, Nadine Jones, Lorainne Adams of Montesano; as well as Russell Watkins, Barbara Jean Beckwith, Willo Mae Smith, Hermyal Clemens, Frances Marion, Margery Callow and Charlotte McPherson, Dorothy Watkins, Eileen McHatton, Geraldine Curtice, Eleanor Nelson, Marilan Finney of Elma, and pianists Ruth Dailey, Ted Finney and Mrs. Virginia Baker.

50 years ago

Thursday, June 4, 1963

A Grays Harbor delegation in Washington, D.C. have met to discuss the future of the Wynooche River dam project.

William E. Rambo, retiring Montesano School superintendent, was named temporary city police judge.

A shipment of 22,252 board feet of hickory boards were shipped from Grays Harbor to Japan this week, to be manufactured there into skis. They were loaded aboard the Greek ship Stamatios G. Embririco’s, scheduled to sail for Tokyo from the port terminal Wednesday evening.

Bob Basom, this summer’s lifeguard at Lake Sylvia State Park, has started his duties there.

25 years ago

Thursday, June 9, 1988

Some foods will now be taxed, including sandwiches, cooked chicken and deli trays.

The F.G. Peterson Trucking Co., went out of business last week. The company had operated for 40 years.

10 years ago

Thursday, June 12, 2003

A total of about 300 seniors from Montesano and Elma high schools graduated this weekend.