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Pages of the Past for July 11, 2013

This ad printed in The Vidette 50 years ago was for telephone service repair.
This ad printed in The Vidette 50 years ago was for telephone service repair.

120 Years ago

July 14, 1893

ELMA — J. Vaughnie, who has the Simpson place south of town rented, came to town yesterday and reported a bear on a rampage down his way. It required just a short time to get the local nimrods with their guns and dogs in position to corral his “royal bearship,” and sure enough in a short time W.R Campbell was back in town with the overcoat that a few minutes before covered the denizen of the forest.


A grindstone was stolen from the front of the Montesano Hardware Company’s store a few nights ago, and last night a keg of nails was stolen from Hall & Carter, the contractors who are building the trestle for the new sewer outlet pipe under the elevated roadway. A quantity of sewer pipe was thrown off the bridge and smashed last night.

100 Years Ago

July 11, 1913

The case of the City of Montesano vs. A.B. Holloway was tried in Judge Bignold’s court Monday before a jury and resulted in a verdict of acquittal. The case at issue was an alleged violation of the city ordinance regarding automobiles being left standing within thirty five feet of a fire hydrant. Mr. Holloway claimed that an ash can that was placed close beside the hydrant obscured his view of the hydrant and on this point the jury voted for acquittal.


Following the suggestion made last week by The Vidette, several property owners and merchants on Main Street are thinking seriously of installing electroliers similar to that in front of the store of Pickering & Sons. The cost of installing the columns, wired ready to light, is about $50 and if two merchants combine to install the light column, as some are considering, the cost will be very little compared to the effectiveness of the light secured. It is probable that the next few weeks will see several more of the electroliers installed and illuminating Main Street.

75 Years Ago

July 7, 1938

A fire that could be seen for many miles in all directions last Friday night destroyed the houses at the boom camp of the Saginaw Logging company on Preachers Slough and rendered three families homeless.


Ulysses and Oscar Weidman, brothers of Copalis, took a dare and, as a result, have been sentenced to 20 years each in the state reformatory at Monroe.

But Judge J.M. Phillips, after listening to their elder brother, Dewey, explain the circumstances, suspended sentence during good behavior.

The youths were accused of having stolen 300 pounds of clams from the warehouse of the Pioneer Canneries on May 25. Dewey Weidman told Judge Phillips that they had been dared by companions to perform the feat. The next day, it is said, they sold the stolen clams.

50 Years Ago

July 11, 1963

The Montesano football field will be twice as bright when fall football season opens.

The school board on Monday awarded a $9,900 contract for installation of new quartz lights to illuminate the gridiron as it has never been illuminated before. Forty-eight lights will be installed on six poles.

Five bids were received, the award being made to Ford Electric of Raymond.


Paul Crites, of Montesano, and Teri Cole, of Aberdeen, both 8-year-olds, have been chosen by the judges to be the 1963 junior king and queen of the Grays Harbor District Fair.

25 Years Ago

July 7, 1988

A 30-year-old Kent man, Michael K. Washburn, died Sunday evening after 7:00 in front of Mike’s Market, a convenience store on McCleary’s main street. According to County Coroner John Bebich, Washburn died from a single gunshot in the neck that had been fired by a State Trooper at the scene.

A domestic argument about 6 p.m. in Kent between Washburn and an unidentified female subject, believed to be Washburns’s wife or girlfriend, touched off the sequence of events that started with a high-speed chase from Kent after Washburn had apparently wounded the woman.

Washburn’s customized Chevrolet van was chased by State Patrol units from King and Pierce counties to a point just south of Tacoma on I-5, where officers attempted to stop him with a road block, However, he rammed two police cars with his van and continued down I-5 at speeds over 75 mph until he came to Highway 8 in Olympia, where he turned off with members of the Thurston County patrol in pursuit.

About 7 p.m., he pulled into the lot at Mike’s Market, where Mrs. Kim Bouchard and her 2-year-old son, Cody, were either exiting from the store or walking by it.

Washburn then grabbed the woman and the boy, but she struggled with him, and he then used Cody as a shield as he re-entered the van. However, he couldn’t move it since officers at the scene had shot out the two back tires. Washburn leaned out from the cab of the van after having fired several shots at the officers. It was then that one unidentified State Patrol officer from Thurston County fired the fatal shot, hitting Washburn in the neck. According to Bebich, Washburn died immediately from the one gunshot.

10 Years Ago

July 10, 2003

After a closed-door executive session meeting Tuesday night, the Montesano City Council accepted a recommendation by Mayor Doug Iverson to not renew the contract of Public Works Director Clint Dice.

“We want somebody with a more hands-on approach, Iverson told The Vidette.

At the time of Dice’s hiring in August 1996, “the city was looking for a PE (professional engineer,” Iverson said. But, now we realize that approach is not cost-effective. We want to get back to basics,” he said.

After accepting the mayor’s recommendation, the city council will now have the task of finding what Iverson said is an individual who “is more of a manager.”