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Pages of the Past, April 17

120 Years Ago

April 20, 1894

From the ad of the Montesano Hotel which appears in this issue of The Vidette, it will be seen that Mr. Johnson has established rates ranging from $2 down to $1 per day, according to room. The Montesano is a good hotel and merits the patronage of the traveling public.

• • •

Fred Cummings, on of the wood cutters for the Port Blakely Railroad Company, living at Simpsons Logging Camp, was killed Thursday the 12th by a large block of wood nearly five feet through, rolling on him; just how it was done, no one knows as he was working alone. His wife went out with a lunch to him about half past two and found him dead with the block on top of him. He leaves a wife and two children.

100 Years Ago

April 17, 1914

That five of the seven men who robbed the Bank of Elma on March 28, securing $4,200 in the haul, are under arrest in Seattle was stated Wednesday evening, following the positive identification of three of the men by cashier E.L. France and A.H. Fleming, bookkeeper of the looted bank. The statement was made by Walter Thayer, manager of the Seattle branch of the Burns Detective Agency, after the men were taken into custody following the identification of Mr. France as a man he saw on the street as one of the robbers. The man had been under surveillance by the detective agency and Mr. France was called to Seattle to view the suspect.\, The man pointed out was arrested at once and the officers waited in the prisoner’s room until his companions came in and they were all placed under arrest. Three men were recognized by France and Fleming as being members of the gang that held up the Elma bank.

The arrested men gave the following names: Irsamag Hodoff, Murcaback Dobreff, Yaco Maisegoff, Molho Alacoff and Vigor Kyriel. Detectives say the men belong to a gang of international criminals driven from Russia about two years ago.

75 Years Ago

April 20, 1939

No trace has been found of Ed E. Rairdon, superintendent of the Wishkah school, who has been missing since April 4, when he left a note for his wife saying he was going to Olympia to see state Superintendent Stanley F. Atwood about a new job. His car was found abandoned on a Tacoma wharf later the same day.

Tacoma police have stated belief that his body is in Commencement Bay. Rairdon had been notified by the Wishkah School Board that his contract was not to be renewed next year.

• • •

Harry E. Malone, 29, of Porter was charged with negligent homicide by Prosecutor Stanley J. Krause in Superior Court here this Thursday as the result of the death of Frank Wennberg, 18, of Elma in a head-on automobile collision on the road near Porter Saturday night. Malone is accused of driving under the influence of liquor. Bail is fixed at $1,000 by Judge J.M. Phillips. Malone is being held in jail here.

50 Years Ago

April 16, 1964

A dog ordinance with teeth in it was proposed at a meeting of the Montesano City Council Tuesday night.

It was suggested by Chief of Police Bruce Curtright that an ordinance similar to the one adopted recently by the city of Aberdeen be considred by the local city officials. Curtright said the Aberdeen ordinance has cured the dog problem in that city.

If drawn up and enacted, such an ordinance would provide that law enforcement officials pick up all dogs that are running lose and deliver them to a designated veterinarian, in order that the animals would be assured of proper and humane care. Assuming the dog was licensed and wearing a license tag, the owner would be notified immediately.

Cost to the owner to retrieve the animal would be $18 — $3 of which would be for expense incurred in picking up the dog and and taking it to the veterinarian, with the other $15 going to the vet for care, housing and feeding of the animal.

If owner of the dog did not claim the animal within 72 hours, it would be destroyed.

25 Years Ago

April 20, 1989

The second annual “Business of the Year” award by the Montesano Chamber of Commerce went to Mary’s River Lumber Company, a fixture of South Main Street since 1981, when the Oregon-based firm took over the old E.C. Miller Cedar Mill. Other local companies that were in the running for the award were Brumfield/Twidwell, Whitney’s, and Brady Veterinary. The annual Chamber “Citizen of the Year” was awarded to Lynne Glore. Other nominations for the honor were Janet Vessey, Dick Satterstrom and Pat Leslie. Parent-Teacher Association awards went to Judy Raines and Nancy Anderson, and special Festival of Lights awards were presented to Margaret Downey and Georgette Wolcott for their efforts last December.

10 Years Ago

April 15, 2004

McCleary businesses took a hit when the nearby off-road vehicle park closed and are hoping to see it reopen, but that might not happen because Thurston County commissioners recently told the state recreation agency they are not interested in mediation to settle issues relating to closure of the park that straddles the Thurston-Grays Harbor county line.

Prior to the park’s closure, 33,000 park users descended upon East County from around the state each year.

Thurston County commissioners closed the park in November 2002, citing a need to maintain and improve other parks that benefited local citizens.

“The decision also seems to be driven by liability concerns following the death of two individuals at the ORV Park,” a state Recreation and Conservation Office official wrote in a memo.

A man was killed at the park in April 2002. That was the second death at the park in 20 years.