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Pages of the Past — March 13, 2014

120 Years Ago

March 16, 1894

The county commissioners were in session three days this week. But little business of general importance was transacted.

• • •

The shipment of fish from Grays Harbor is becoming an important industry. Last week, eighteen tons were shipped east — principally to Boston.

100 Years Ago

March 13, 1914

The passage of an ordinance providing for the improvement of Third Street from Broad Street to Pioneer Street, by grading, graveling, constructing wooden curbs and gutter and box drains, concrete walks and cross walks, and providing for suitable drainage in connection, was one of the more important matters disposed of by the city council at the session Tuesday evening. There was no dissenting voice in the matter and the ordinance was passed as petitioned for by the property owners.

• • •

Fifty-four votes were polled at the school election last Saturday, every vote being cast for C.H Clemons, who had no opposition. This is quite a compliment to Mr. Clemons, and shows how highly he is esteemed by the citizens of Montesano. The lack of opposition accounts for the light vote cast, no effort being made to get out a vote.

• • •

The dental examination of all school children has just been completed with excellent results. Arrangements have now been made to have local physicians make a physical examination of the school children with a view to determining those who are affected with adenoids, tonsil troubles and other similar ailments, that if allowed to go uncorrected will result in the child becoming a dull pupil and seriously undermine the health. By means of this inspection the children who are physically weak may be determined and their parents advised as to need of treatment. The inspection will be made free of any cost to the parents or pupils and much good will no doubt result.

75 Years Ago

March 16, 1939

“It went right over our house and it sure was flying low.”

So said many Montesano householders Tuesday morning when a Pan American trans-oceanic clipper passed over the town. The huge airship was on its way from the Boeing plant in Seattle, where it was built, to Astoria, where it was delivered to the transport company. It was so large that to each observer it seemed directly overhead.

It rose from Lake Washington at 7:47 a.m. and landed at Tongue Point at 9:05, after a trip of an hour and 18 minutes. It went over Montesano about 8:30.

The craft, piloted by Captain Earl Ferguson, chief test flier from the Boeing aircraft concern, had 18 men aboard. It departed for San Francisco later.

• • •

Undetermined damage was caused by fire Wednesday night to the Schafer tug, Hoquiam, tied up at the company’s docks here.

The vessel, which is diesel motored, had been here for about a month, said Peter Schafer, president of the company.

It was a hot fire, melting copper tubing from the tanks to the pump, where it started. The Montesano volunteer fire department, after laying 700 feet of hose, fought the blaze for two hours.

50 Years Ago

March 12, 1964

The married career of Mr. and Mrs. Tuure H. Moilanen, which began in a spectacular way last November when their car crashed through the window of the Flower Shop in Montesano, reached a new climax Tuesday when Mr. Moilanen was rushed to Grays Harbor Community Hospital with a serious knife wound in his chest.

Held in the Aberdeen city jail without charges is Pauline Spehar Moilanen, 44, his wife. The Grays Harbor Prosecutor’s Office said charges are being withheld pending the results of the stabbing. Moilanen, with a wound in his left chest, is in critical condition.

The Montesano accident occurred on November 13, when the couple was en route to the county Auditor’s Office for a marriage license. At the time, Moilanen was charged with driving while drunk, being drunk in public and driving without a proper car license. His companion was charged with being drunk in public.

Their present address is given as 915 E. Summit Street, Aberdeen, where police were called early Tuesday morning.

25 Years Ago

March 16, 1989

Rep. Jim Hargrove, D-Hoquiam, spoke recently to more than 100 loggers who had traveled to the state Capitol to protest a recent decision by the federal government to limit cutting old-growth timber to protect the spotted owl. Hargrove said he favors opening federal lands to logging and has been working with Gov. Booth Gardner to end the restrictions so that loggers and mill owners can get back to work. This session, the Hoquiam legislator has also proposed a pair of bills that would inventory the state’s timber resources and use that data to determine the effects of timber shortages.

10 Years Ago

March 11, 2004

Last week, Montesano Councilman Ron Malizia emerged as a possible swing vote in the debate over Beacon Park.

On Tuesday night he swung over. Malizia even made the motion to reconsider the 4-3 vote that all but killed the park two weeks ago.

“If we want to end up with usable land, then we have a situation where we can’t even get to that point without the permit,” he said.

The Council voted 4-3 to seek the permit that will allow development on the 32-acre property.

Whether there will ever be a $2 million multi-use community park and ball fields there still hinges on nailing down funding.

The plan calls for the $2 million park to be largely funded by grants, including a $750,000 Bishop Foundation grant the city can only reapply for if it has permits and other funding in place.