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1883 — A page from the past 1 31 13

Editor’s Note: The Vidette will celebrate its 130th anniversary Feb. 1. Below is text excerpted from the first edition of the Chehalis Valley Vidette on Feb. 1, 1883.


“A lad’s amang ye takin notes

An’ faith he’ll prent em.”


— Mr. John Esmond is repairing and enlarging his store room.

— A new sign now adorns the front of Dr. Bush’s office and drug store.

— B.P. Briscoe has recently completed a neat residence at the lower town.

— Quite a number of persons united with the Methodist church here last Sabbath.

— It is Mr. Scammon’s intention to put in a floating wharf at the lower town in the spring.

— Mr. Westfall last week sold to D. Darling of Humptulips two business lots on Main Street.

— Mr. Beardsley, recently from Missouri who has rented I.L. Scammon’s place, has just completed a residence thereon.

— I.L. Scammon’s new residence is a very neat specimen of architecture and, from its commanding site, makes a fine appearance.

— A.W. Arnold, who last summer took up a valuable claim in the Chehalis River bottom three miles below here, just completed a good residence upon it.

— Mr. L. Mooney, who has some twenty acres of land adjoining the townsite, will begin in a few days the erection of a commodious residence thereon.

— G.H. Hamilton informs us that early in the spring he will start a meat market and a feed store here. Both these institutions will be appreciated and well patronized.

— Within the next ten days A.L. Willis will open a hotel at the lower town, for which purpose he has leased the premises owned and formerly occupied as a residence by I.L. Scammon.

— We are informed that Judge Scofield will get a new bill of lumber for his store building and that the lumber in the one recently blown down will be used by Frank Glick in the construction of a residence.

— Will D. Lougheed and his amiable wife have taken up residence on Johns River, the former being employed by the proprietors of the lumbering interests there and the later engaged in teaching school.

— Just opposite town on the other side of the river, Mr. Carter has a field of winter wheat which now looks exceedingly fine, and in appearance strongly indicates that this crop will prove a great success in this region.

— We have it from reliable authority that 360 emigrant teams are now on their way from Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska to the Chehalis Valley, where their owners propose to find homes. They will not have come in vain.

— We understand that it is the purpose of M.F. Luark to shortly proceed to Portland for the purpose of purchasing a circular saw and a planer for use in the Sylva mill. This is a move which will meet with general approval.

— Mr. Minkler, recently from Elma, is engaged in erecting a residence upon the property which he recently purchased from Frank Tolbert. It is his intention to make his home with us and engage in the blacksmithing business.

— A new M.E. church is soon to be erected in Elma. A beautiful lot for a church has been kindly donated by Mr. Anderson. $500 is already secured toward the building, and as much more will be raised. If possible, it is the purpose to push the enterprise to completion in ninety days.

— Michael Drees, our cabinet maker who recently purchased a location on the business street laid out on the hill by Mr. Westfall, has gone to Portland to purchase a stock of furniture. When he returns, which will be shortly, he will at once proceed to put up a building and start in business.

— Dr. A.K. Bush is devoting considerable time to the matter of securing signers to a petition for a money order office in this place, and from all appearances is succeeding admirably in his effort. This move, if successful as everything now indicates that it will be, will supply a want long felt and one which has now become a prime necessity.

— Quite a severe wind storm prevailed for several hours on Wednesday night of last week. The large store building of T.D. Scofield, in process of building, was blown down, and considerable of the lumber in it was badly damaged. One side of a building being put up by R.G. Carlile was also prostrated, but the damage to it was very slight.

— We desire to call the attention of our readers to the statement of the gentlemen who have made use of our advertising columns for the purpose of informing the public as to what they have for sale. Their attitude toward the paper has, as a rule, been very liberal, and we trust that patronage they receive may be equal to the enterprise they have displayed.

— Mr. Jas. StewarT of Wishkah, who has for sometime been absent, engaged in building the Memorial Episcopalian Church in New Tacoma, a fine $30,000 stone structure for the completion of which he had the contract, returned home last week. It is not improbable that Mr. Stewart may return to Tacoma as he has put in a bid for a large contract of mason work in the Tacoma mill.

— On Tuesday of last week, a 10-year-old son of Mr. E. Enfield died at his father’s home on Fords’s Prairie. The cause of his death was putrid sore throat, produced by neglected tonsillitis, which had set in some three weeks previous to his decease. Two days previous to his death, Dr. Bush of this place was summoned but upon arriving at the patient’s bedside found him past all hope, the throat and mouth being one mass of corruption and the teeth falling out, and to relieve him until death should ensue being all that could be done.

— The Montesano M.E. Church is getting along very nicely. Rev. S.D. Lougheed, pastor. The doors of the church were opened on last Sabbath morning, and several new members were received into the communion of the church. But for the weather being so very unfavorable, eight more would have united. The Methodist church pre-empted this Chehalis County has done a great and good work, gaining ground and strength every day, and not only in the Chehalis Valley but almost everywhere seems preparing for grander and mightier achievements.

— On Wednesday of last week Mr. Axford, who resides some fifteen miles up the Humptulips River, came to this place to make proof of his homestead, supposing that the business should be done here, this being the county seat, and the probate judge who only has the authority to take affidavits in such cases, being supposed to reside here. He was surprised and greatly annoyed to learn that the judge resided some eight miles beyond Elma and that he would be obliged to incur the expense of a trip to his residence in order to complete his business. Such a condition of things is, of course to be regretted, but it is soon to be remedied, as we are informed that the judge has agreed to appoint a clerk here, before whom all affidavits, necessary in the transaction of land business, can be made, which will be a matter of great importance to settlers.

— No saloons in Montesano.

— Medcalf Bros. will milk 100 cows during the coming summer.

— B.F. Kesterson has rented Mr. Waites place for the coming season.

— Frank Tolbert has his large blacksmith shop nearly completed.

— R.G. Carlile is putting up a residence to rent and has already found a tenant for it.

— Will Couch has gone to Puyallup on a business trip. He will return in a few days.

— Steam power is to be put in the Cosmopolis Mill and its capacity greatly increased.

— Our general news is crowded out by local matter this week. Next week it will appear.

— Medcalf Bros. have in contemplation the erection of a fine residence during the coming summer.

— Mr.. Wilson is building a ferry on the Wynoochie near G. Garrisions, just above Mr. Sheasby’s place.

— School closed at the lower town last Friday. An account of the concluding exercises will appear in our next issue.

— The county commissioners held their regular session this week. Their proceedings will be published in full next week.

— F. Moore, who last summer sold his farm here to Judge Scofield and went to California, has returned and will make his home here.

— R. Arland is still absent in California, whither he went after his daughter who has for some time been visiting friends there. They are expected home shortly.

— The Messrs. Gilkey recently purchased eight lots in this place from S. Zenor. We are informed that it is their intention to build residences upon a portion of them in the spring.

— To J.H.D. Gray, the gentlemanly agent of the Ilwaco Steam Navigation Co. and the Shoalwater Bay Navigation Co., at Astoria; we are under obligations for the prompt and generous accommodations tendered us during our transit here.

— The family of Dr. Bush, consisting of his wife, son and daughter, arrived here last Friday evening having changed their residence from Shoalwater Bay to this place. They will make their future home here and will prove a pleasant and valuable addition to the society of our thriving town.

— W. Moore, well known in this region as a reliable mail carrier and stage man, is about to start an express and passenger line between this place and Olympia. His wagon will be here when the Gen. Miles next arrives, and his arrangements for business will be completed as soon as possible. We wish him all possible success in his enterprise, as it is something greatly needed here at present.

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