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Pages of the Past

120 years ago

Friday, Jan. 20, 1893

Send us two dollars for the Vidette and we will make you a present of the Seattle Press-Times or Mrs. John A. Logans’s Magazine one year, or a cloth-bound copy of Irvings “Life of Christopher Columbus,” or “Perilous Adventures by Land snd Sea.” The above offer will be withdrawn Feb. 1st.


The Vidette enters upon the eleventh year of its existence with the present number, five years of which time the present publisher has been connected with the paper. It has undergone several important changes during the present management, and while we have no boast to make as to the future of the Vidette, as in the past people will doubtless take it because it contains the news.

100 years ago

Friday, Jan. 3, 1913

The following marriage licenses were issued during the week:

J. F. Conroy, C. I. Martin, Redmond; Bert Newton, Dora W. Stokes, Hoquiam; C.B. Sims, Helen H. Herglund, Aberdeen; Gerard Tonning, Grace C. Gilbreath, Aberdeen; Otto Maki, Hilja Kangas, Hoquiam; W. S. Allen, Montesano, Jessie M. Lindsay, Elma.


An unknown man, evidently a Scandinavian, was struck by Northern Pacific passenger train No. 322 last Friday evening just east of Aberdeen Junction and instantly killed. The man was sitting on the track, asleep or in a stupor, and made no effort to save his life. The pilot of the engine struck him on the left side and his body was hurled about fifty feet from the track. The train was stopped and the body taken up and brought to this city, were it was taken in charge by Undertaker C. L. Story and held for the authorities.


Mrs. Exe — My husband has something laid aside for a rainy day.

Mrs. Wye — I know it — my husband’s umbrella!

75 years ago

Thursday, Jan. 6, 1938

More than 400 Montesanans and those living in the district have taken tests for automobile drivers’ licenses at the temporary testing station established here by the Washington state patrol, under direction of Sergeant W. A. Hamm.

The station will remain open here next to the Vanderpool pharmacy until 9 o’clock this Saturday night, and will then go to Elma.


MOCLIPS — Montesano high school won its last pre-season practice game Dec. 30, coming from behind to defeat Moclips, 36 to 26, at Moclips.

Moclips, catching the Bulldogs without two regulars, led through the first three quarters. In the final period, Monte. scored 16 points to take the game.

At half time Moclips led, 20 to 16. Jim Hollingsworth was outstanding for Monte., scoring 15 points. Van Rooy counted 16 for Moclips.

50 years ago

Thursday, Jan. 3, 1963

Lee Wills, first mayor of McCleary after its incorporation and a community leader for many years, died Sunday in McCleary after a long illness.

He had lived in McCleary since 1910, when he went to work for Henry McCleary as a carpenter on the crew that built the door plant there, at that time the largest in the world.

He later became the first clipperman, first core layer and first lathe operator in the plywood plant.

The McCleary plants — and most of the town — were purchased by the Simpson Logging company in 1941, and the community was incorporated in 1943, the first time it had a civic government of its own. Wills was elected mayor.

He was one of the organizers of the McCleary State bank in 1960 and became its treasurer and a director. He helped design the bank’s attractive new building.


Judgment dismissing the plaintiff’s action with prejudice has been entered in the Grays Harbor County Superior Court in the case of Boyd and Katherine Keller versus Laura Schaletzke of Montesano. The Kellers, residence of Pacific county, asked judgment of $2,165 in their suit, which involved the sale of 41 head of cattle on September 9, 1960.

25 years ago

Thursday, Jan. 7, 1988

If you ask me:

What were Mom and Dad right about?

JOE BECKETT, Hoquiam, driver/salesman: “They always said to be sure and get an education and to go on to college, which I did manage to do.”

DEBBIE WELCH, Aberdeen, credit manager: “ To treat other people the same way that you want to be treated. That is something that I have also tried to teach my children.”

JOHN McNULTY, Central Park, retired: “Frankly, I feel they taught me so many good things that I have tried to practice, that it’s real hard to pinpoint one thing.”

MERCEDES COOPER, Westport, desk clerk: “To always be honest. That is something that I’ve not only always tried to practice, but I have also tried to teach my children.”


The Washington State Liquor Board distributed some $8.4 million in excess funds last month, according to a board spokesman. Fifty percent of the total went to the state general fund, while 40 percent was distributed to the various towns and cities and the remaining 10 percent was paid to the unincorporated counties of the state.

On the local scene, Montesano received $4,820 last month, while Aberdeen’s portion was $26,029 and Hoquiam received $13,787.

Other cities receiving the funds in the county were Cosmopolis, $2,379; Westport, $2,823; Ocean Shores, $3,017; Elma, $3,764; McCleary, $2,172; and Oakville, $807.

Grays Harbor County received a total of $8,861 for sales made in the unincorporated areas of the county, according to the spokesman.

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