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Milestones: Marriage licenses

Burge J. Lund, 67, and Xiaorong Dan, 50, both of Hoquiam.

William C. Russell, 30, and Vanessa L. Moody, 25, both of Hoquiam.

Scott D. Leach, 31, of Lacey and Carolyn L. Dineen, 29, of Hoquiam.

Kenneth L. Hoffman, 52, of Puyallup and Tonya D. Gilliam, 45, of Hoquiam.

Alvaro Ortiz Cornejo, 31, and Leonor Espinoza Paniagua, 33, both of Montesano.

James R. Gillies, 32, and Kathryn A. Woods, 36, both of Montesano.

Luis Enrique Juarez Lopez, 23, and Daisy M. Redford, 25, both of Westport.

Andrew M. Martin, 29, of Burns Lakes, B.C., Canada, and Jana L. Lehman, 27, of Oakville.

Christine A. Whitaker, 62, and Lisa F. Smith, 48, both of Oakville.

Chester L. Jellesed Jr., 35, and Connie L. Smith, 46, both of Westport.