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Joshua J. Mayr, 35, and Sarah J. Tucker, 33, both of Cosmopolis.

Amanda Urwiller, 23, and Phil Osburn, 32, both of Loveland, Colorado.

Ricky S. Calica, 26, and Aprill C. O’Neil, both of Aberdeen.

Chris A. Morris, 55, and Alice A. Charley, 55, both of Ocean Shores.

Kevin G. Gavalis, 48, and Christen D. Westom, 33, both of Hoquiam.

Nickolas A. Wilder, 21, and Courtney M. Osgood, 20, both of Elma.

Troy A. Brinson, 42, and Jennifer Louise Nyberg, 42, both of Oakville.

Gino A. Rau, 58, and Angelina S. Del Rosario, 31, both of Montesano.

Sherman D. Hatley Jr., 45, and Amber R. Taylor, 24, both of Aberdeen.

Jose Israel Rueda Coria, 56, and Alicia Muro Lamas, 43, both of Aberdeen.

Victoria A. Schuh, 19, and James D. Caldwell, 20, both of Montesano.

Joshua D. Poor, 24, and Crystal M. Muns, 24, both of Montesano.

Justin D. Auman, 26, and Gwendolynn K. Miranda, 32, both of Aberdeen.