Marriage Licenses

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Darwin J. Larkin, 45, and Stacey L. Ahsue, 42, both of Tacoma.

Gary W. Moore, 48, of Blaine, and Carrie A. Usher, 46, of Montesano.

Abel Leyva, 37, and Yudith Torres Medina, 33, both of Olympia.

Jeremy T. Anderson, 27, and Jonni S. Wisner, 25, both of Oakville.

Jose G. Rivera Silva, 40, and Martiza Cabrera Valencia, both of Aberdeen.

Jerry R. Rycraft, 69, and Sally A. Siler, 75, both of Westport.

Chase A. Jones, 18, of Montesano, and Dessere R. Carlson, 17, of Aberdeen.

Jeremy D. Carter, 35, and Stephanie A. Vaughan, 33, both of Elma.

Brent E. McCullough, 25, and Delanie M. Futter, 25, both of Elma.

Wyatt D. Backholm Jr., 19, of Tumwater, and Piper H. Napier, 18, of Montesano.

Samantha R. Brooks, 24, of Aberdeen, and Justin C. Yakovich, 31, of Newport Beach, Calif.

John D. Chum, 29, and Jessica R. Wilson, 25, both of Hoquiam.

Marcella M. Maden, 46, and Ray C. McKown, 46, both of Aberdeen.

Joshua S. Fletcher, 39, and Lynn M. Thaut, 32, both of Aberdeen.

Stephen S. Caraker, 53, and Guy W. Vigliano, 64, both of Cocoa, Fla.

Shawn K. Brand, 18, and Janelle T. Brassie, 18, both of Hoquiam.

Nicholas A. Holden, 31, and Christina M. Haight, 43, both of McCleary.

Michael R. Johnson, 62, of Seattle, and Diane M. Muir, 55, of Aberdeen.

Matthew J. Bennett, 42, and Nichole M. Ross, 24, both of Aberdeen.

Jace A. Coleman, 23, and Melissa D. Hanson, 22, both of Aberdeen.

Garry M. McCowan, 22, and Abigail A. Bommerscheim, 24, both of Montesano.

Peter E. Guyton, 26, and Annie J. Stafford, 26, both of Aberdeen.

Benjamin A. Houle, 23, of Lacey, and Hailey R. Murtough, 21, of Aberdeen.

Benjamin J. Miller, 21, and Catheryn M. Shockey, 27, both of Rock Springs, Wyo.

Constantine Tsigounis, 49, of Wentworth, New South Wales, Australia, and Stephani L. Ridenhour, 50, of Cosmopolis.

Cristian O. Sanabria Garcia, 23, and Mayra Gutierrez, 23, both of Elma.

Shane P. Wilson, 30, and Traci Lynn De Los Santos, 29, both of Hoquiam.

Willard F. Whitbeck, 52, and Deanna M. Brooks, 37, both of Satsop.

Aaron L. Rygg, 36, and Lacie A. Browne, 35, both of McCleary.

Ismael Diaz Lopez, 28, and Clara Lopez Padilla, 29, both of Aberdeen.

Rachael A. Thomas, 23, and Douglas S. Collins, 24, both of Hoquiam.

Jansen C. Carter, 31, and Shelby L. Stevens, 25, both of Elma.

Kenneth S. Beck, 23, and Ellen C. Taraschi, 23, both of Ocean Shores.

Michael J. Stengel, 54, and Linda D. Taylor, 58, both of Aberdeen.

Corey A. Kahler, 38, and Anthony P. Motely Sr., 33, both of Aberdeen.

Ashley M. Carlstad, 23, and Brett A. Blair, 26, both of Montesano.

Andrew J. Burton, 35, of Hoquiam, and Angela L. Bradshaw, 23, of Aberdeen.

Danny L. Carstensen, 61, and Shirley A. Ketchum, 74, both of Pacific Beach.

James H. Hosford, 66, and Terry D. Davenport, 65, both of Aberdeen.

Micah B. Van Ogle, 35, and Cassandra C. Hubbs, both of Montesano.

Raul Saldanz Avalos, 22, and Naomi A. Zepeda, 22, both of Aberdeen.

Dawn M. Krohn, 44, and Frederick M. Moody, 42, both of Hoquiam.

Derek R. McDougall, 25, of Montesano, and Trisha A. Rabey, 25, of Aberdeen.