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Marriage Licenses

Christopher C. Dills, 53, and Lisa M. Aronson, 52, both of Aberdeen.

Chantha Yim. 27, and Yiet Moeun, 26, both of Elma.

David A. Fry, 23, of Shelton, and Brecklyn L. Wescott, 20, of Elma.

Dirk C. W. Howard, 40, and Tabatha S. Padgett, 26, both of Aberdeen.

William R. Fruchella, 23, and Armenta E. I. Youngblood, both of Aberdeen.

Thomas P. Koch, 53, of Elma, and Yvette L. Mercer, 48, of Mukilteo.

Shane W. McFadden, 38, and Rachel A. Harder, 25, both of Hoquiam.

Ethan Peter L. Garcia Jr., 35, and Megan D. Christensen, 31, both of Belfair.

Vohn E. Glenn, 23, and Tonya M. Wagner, 21, both of Elma.

Warren M. King, 31, and Jillian S. Madison, 25, both of Hoquiam.

Douglas P. Gimby, 41, and Heather L. Yaeger, 35, both of Aberdeen.

Matthew A. Astells, 30, and Jennel M. Jones, 34, both of Elma.

Robert L. Williams, 32, and Rashelle E. Riddle, 30, both of Hoquiam.

Jagtar Singh Jandu, 50, and Harvinder Kaur Jandu, 42, both of Aberdeen.

Benny E. Sherman, 31, and Willow L. Benner, 23, both of Aberdeen.

Isaac W.B. Labarge, 24, and Stephanie M. Appletoft, 21, both of Aberdeen.