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Marriage Licences

Kristina R. Griensewic, 26, and Morgan R. Sharpe, 26, both of Aberdeen.

Fredy A. Hernandez Garcia, 27, and Niki L. Garcia, 30, both of Aberdeen.

Raudel Torres Montes, 24, and Nataly Espinosa, 20, both of Elma.

Christopher A. Mullins, 26, and Ashley N. Beason, 24, both of Hoquiam.

Todd L. Clark, 20, and Stephanie K. Starr, 19, both of Forks.

Jack M. Pavletich, 39, and Tara M. Bateman, both of Aberdeen.

Jeffrey T. Catterlin, 32, and Sara M. Scroggins, 24, both of Elma.

Cameron P. McKinnon, 37, and Katie M. Burch, 25, both of McCleary.

Richard A. Barker, 63, and Jill L. DuBois, 53, both of Vancouver, Wash.

Shane D. Kohlmeier, 24, and Haley L. Bender, 22, both of Aberdeen.

Lauren M. Sand, 20, and Aaron J. Burgher, 25, both of Hoquiam.

Jason P. Dore, 46, and Casey M. Watkins, 33, both of Aberdeen.