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Marriage Licences

Jamar C. Henderson, 30, and Michelle B. Guaragna, 29, both of Hoquiam.

Randall L. Campbell Sr., 61, and Velma J. Washines, 53, both of Taholah.

Afonso W. Carvalho, 29, and Kristi D. Turpin, 26, both of Hoquiam.

Richard R. Ransom, 56, and Darilyn A. Perry, 49, both of Hoquiam.

Robert R. Coppin, 68, of Hoquiam, and Jeanette M. Newman, 71, of Montesano.

Kevin R. Grant, 28, and Traci L. Jacobi, 26, both of Aberdeen.

Kenneth T. Boyd Jr., 19, and Arika L. Tetrault, 19, both of Aberdeen.

Junior Rojas Jr., 17, and Marili Laurean Gonzalez, 16, both of Aberdeen.

Mark L. Vance, 45, and Stacey L. Fall, 36, both of Aberdeen.

William M. Burns Jr., 29, and Jessica L. McManus, 26, both of Westport.

Juan J. Rodriguez-Moreno, 29, and Sara K. Lano, 30, both of Aberdeen.

Lisa M. Mackelwich, 46, of Vancouver, and John L. Rush, 47, of Elma.

Guy L. Capoeman, 43, and Samantha M. Veach, 21, both of Taholah.

Christopher J. Mattoon, 34, and Lindsay A. Erickson, 31, both of Elma.

Shaun S. Jeffries, 40, and Jodi L. Faubion, 33, both of Aberdeen.

Justin C. Lavenworth, 29, and Chelsey R. Farris, 26, both of Aberdeen.

Ray E. Hughes Jr., 48, and Danette J. Larson, 43, both of Elma.