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How I broke my hip and why my columns were late

I am back from the short break I have been on. For those that do not know, my break was due to falling off a step stool, which only had two steps, and breaking my right hip. It was not a fun way to have a vacation. On Jan 16, I was standing on the top step cleaning the top of a cupboard when the stool slid sideways and I went down hard.

Off to Capital Medical Hospital in Olympia in the ambulance, surgery the next day and three days later a ride back to Elma in an ambulance. I then spent 12 days in rehabilitation and physical therapy at the Summit Pacific Medical Center in Elma. I can’t say enough about the great care I received at Summit Pacific. The nursing staff was wonderful and I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of them. Mark, my physical therapist, was great getting me up moving again.

To all my family and friends who stopped by to visit and give me extra support and all the cards I received, “Thank You.” For those who brought food up for Jim and I, “Thank You.” I am getting around with a walker and going to physical therapy three times a week and, hopefully, I will be back walking without a walker soon. I learned the hard way, at my age, I have no business getting up on a stool to reach high places. The stool is now put away for good. The good news was I got out of the hospital on Friday before the Super Bowl so was able to be home to watch the Seahawks in their big win over Denver. A great game. Yay Seahawks!

I hope by next week I will have more news to share on things happening here in Satsop. The Bolivia trip rummage sale was this last weekend. I would have loved to stop and shop but didn’t feel I could get around that good with my walker. As we drove by there were lots of cars around the church so I am sure they had a very successful rummage sale.

Date to remember: March 18 is the Satsop Methodist Church Liver and Onion Dinner. The snow was very pretty but I am so glad it is almost all melted and gone. I am already counting the days until spring.

My thought for the week: “Family and Friends are two of the most important things in Life.”

Yvonne Borden is a regular contributor to The Vidette of news from the Satsop and Elma areas. She can be reached at (360) 482-3284.

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