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First trip to Seattle, and I have a cow

Hello, everybody. I’m writing this over spring break, and I’m feeling extremely lazy. No homework, either, so I’ll just draw and write and nap and a few other things associated with Julieanna’s spring break game plan. Not much going on, so I’ll talk about the latest gossip from my Small Brady Farm.

Every year, we get a beef steer (you can’t eat horses), specifically a Charolais, which is an all-white breed. I raise them with all my love, and then my dad has it butchered in the fall when it’s big enough. So, on Saturday, the first week of April, we got our Charolais, and I named it Umasou. Of all the Charolais we’ve had, I’ve given them names such as Colby, Silver and Percy, but somehow jumped to a name of a pig from a Japanese video game. Huh? Well, here’s the explanation of Julieanna’s crazy mind system for naming beef.

Colby because it started with C (Colby the cow!), Silver because he’s some game character that has white hair like him, and Percy because I like Percy Jackson (The books are better than the movies.) and Umasou because I’m in a phase where I’m obsessed with Otaku culture, anime and whatnot. Anyway, Umasou is the smallest Charolais we’ve started out with, and he’s very timid and adorable. He’s just a 625-pound baby! It’s cute how they all have personalities. We also got baby chicks recently and like everything else seen through my eyes, they’re cute. Every few years our hens quit laying, so when I’m at school my dad takes them to the chicken rescue — or at least that’s what he claims — and we start over with new baby chicks. I think we’re also going to get a couple of rabbits soon.

Recently I went along with my parents to Seattle for their anniversary. I’ve never really been to Seattle, so it was really cool. I’m totally not used to big cities. My favorite part of the trip was our first stop at Pike’s Place public market. It was amazing! I saw a fish being tossed at the fish market like they do with the Fish Cam before Seahawk games, and I got my name painted in pictures, marveled at the old Ronald Reagan campaign posters and waded waist-deep in manga from the anime shop. It was great. After Pike’s Place we drove around CenturyLink Field — I hugged it — and then drove around town and waited for our reservations at the Space Needle. When we finally got there, my favorite part was the elevator and the spinning platform. We ate in the restaurant, of course, but the food was pretty bad and way overpriced. Everything, even the salmon I’m pretty sure, had fruit preservatives. And when I ordered a simple waffle, I got a quarter of a waffle with fruit preservatives and this weird fruit sauce and honey … and mucus, I’m pretty sure. And then I ordered French toast and got a sliver of thick, hard bread with little pieces of potato and sauce (and more mucus) and honey and fruit preservatives. And for desert I ordered ice cream. And I got ice cream with oatmeal underneath with fruit preservatives AGAIN. Someday, I may become a famous food critic. But even the food (and the bill) couldn’t ruin the experience. It was super cool.

I’m only a few days into it, but my best friend and I are making bookmarks and have a bookmark show going on. We haven’t sold any yet, but we’re probably going to take this idea to Shark Tank. We’re getting good, heavy paper. I have my Professional Inks Sakura pens (they almost make the picture digital), her designs, my designs, our colored pencils and our awesomeness! They costs a quarter. Well, actually, it depends on the size and quality, and the materials (if we have thread looped at the top) and so it ranges from a dime to two bucks. Then we split the profit for each of us. It’s great when you can make money doing what you enjoy. See you next time.

Julieanna Chilman lives in Brady. She is a fifth-grader at Simpson Elementary in Montesano, and is interested in art and marine biology. Contact her by emailing the editor at