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Elections can teach us all lessons about confidence

Hi everybody!! Wow, I have so many things to say!!! To start off, in school I ran for ASB Vice President. Okay, I guess I wasn’t prepared (I didn’t even know what ASB stood for) but, I love to learn on the way, half because it’s easier and it’s super fun. Our speech could only be 30 seconds, and being the chatterbox I am, that was serious torture.

We had an hour speech practice from Monday thru Wednesday after school on the week of the election, with the election on Thursday. I kept telling myself “Don’t freak out, Jules, you’re gonna do just fine …”

Well, before I knew it, I was sitting in the chair on the stage getting ready to embarrass myself in front of tons of people, shaking in my boots. I had the death spot — my speech was first for the President/Vice President league. I kid you not, I was freaking out.

My speech was 41.2 seconds (oh well), and the slogan was “So, vote for me and Chil Out with Julieanna Chilman!”

My parents got it on video (oh no!), but I like to laugh at myself. I was sweating all day waiting for the results. I got made fun of before the election, sure, but I still ran because it was important to me. And I got to make an awesome poster.

All the kids who ran got to go to an ice cream party in the ASB advisor’s room, which was awesome! After all, who doesn’t like Drumsticks? I didn’t win the election, but my friend Myah did, and that made me happy. She deserves it and she actually knows what the heck she’s doing. Of course I’m going to run again next term, which is in a couple of months. Now, I know what to expect and my only competition is myself. It was such a great experience and I can’t wait until next term.

A few weeks ago I made a “Be Yourself” poster for the hallway in school. It was big and took me forever to finish it, but I finished it and now everyone can see it! I know it doesn’t seem like anything special, but it really was for me.

It’s something I made a goal for, like in the third grade I pledged that I would win the AR reading challenge, but not just for the Blizzard and the $50 from my parents, but because it gave me confidence when I did reach it. That’s something we all should have, because no matter what people think of you, if you have confidence, then things will lighten up. They’ll realize you’re the bigger person, and they’ll back off. If not, bullies usually don’t get anywhere in life. And remember, whoever you are, unleash your inner awesomeness!

See you next time and have a safe and happy Halloween!

Julieanna Chilman lives in Brady. She is a fifth-grader at Simpson Elementary in Montesano, and is interested in art and marine biology. Contact her by emailing the editor at

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