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Dog Talk with Betty

Editor’s Note: Columnist Tom Frederiksen channels the inner thoughts of his new labrador puppy in this online feature.

Right off the bat I have to give props to Montesano Mayor Ken Estes and the city work crew for the replacement of the sod near the ever growing Veterans Memorial wall in Fleet Park. We can all disagree on many things, but that park is a jewel. Not only did the required replacement slip into place like a glove … I like gloves … but attention was also paid to the ground prep itself. The aeration allows the earth to breath, and let me tell you something — Fleet Park has very nice breath!

Certainly the park improvement didn’t come easy. There were some up at city hall that thought the money would be better spent elsewhere. I’m not naming them now, but I am watching. Talking to some of them is harder than sniffing the feet of those lawyers over on Marcy Street. Hey, I got news for you guys…..your shoes aren’t that special.

For those of us who enjoy the park again thank you for the effort and I encourage all of you to visit soon. I hear something called snow is on the way. I’ll believe it when I see it.

On Saturday, Dec. 7, the nice people over at the Montesano Farm and Home store here in Montesano are having something called “Pictures with Santa.” I have been told that I am very photogenic and am looking forward to working with a professional. For a change. I’m not keen on sharing the scene with another, but I can use it in my portfolio. I hear there is money in calendars.

I also want to make note of the fine special arrivals of seasonal cookies at the Farm store. This trip will definitely be my Black Friday event as there is a little plastic cow I have had my eye on. While I haven’t visited the other stores in the area, I do look forward to reviewing their line in the future.

While I have met many reading this on my trips to the downtown area (never enough by-the-way and fodder for another column), I do enjoy meeting you, and I admit, being picked up … I don’t know why. Except for those lawyers, and they call cats snooty.

A shout out to the group over on 3rd Street and Broadway … I got your message and left one.

Until next time, keep your nose to the ground and watch where you step.

Betty is a nine week old Chocolate Labrador who was born and raised in Montesano. She resides on 10th Street in Montesano and can be contacted here at The Vidette.

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